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The Haul: Best New Business, Page 7

Kate McKenna of KDRV was voted “Favorite Weatherperson,” page 6

Scott Thorsen: Favorite Chiropractor, page 9

2015 “Best of the Rogue Valley” Our 29th Annual ... Part I: People & Businesses Dave Daniel: Fav. Policeperson, p. 11

Local Postal Customer



Wesley Harmon: Cutest Baby, p. 14

business grapevine

“I had a serious neck injury as a young girl and finally experienced some relief through massage therapy,” she said. “I never strayed too far from getting a massage. After having a serious car accident in 2004, I discovered EFT. After receiving Edited by Curtis Hayden great benefits from this modality, I became a Certified EFT Practitioner, helping hundreds of people overcome trauma, As we were going to press, a couple of late additions to Nancy physically and emotionally.” Holt’s “Kudos & Klunkers” column arrived. So ... “Klunkers In 2011 she continued studying emotional release by to people who dawdle through short left turn signals, leaving completing the Heal Your Life Certification and Licensing to those behind to get a red light.” And “Klunkers to people who become a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. turn onto a road in front of other cars and then fail to get up “I’m following my passion to help others discover the to flow speed.” roadblocks to the life they want to lead,” Susan said. JoAnn moved to the Rogue Valley in 1994 from Mount A Holistic Approach at Shasta, working alongside her parents in a plastic injection Heal Your Life Center molding business. Following her dream of helping others with When Susan Timmel and JoAnn Roberts opened the physical discomfort, she attended massage school at RCC Heal Your Life Center (308 and began working locally since she SE H Street) in February graduated in 2008. 2014, they were determined “Trigger Point Therapy can to make a difference in alleviate pain in any soft tissue peoples’ lives. ailment that the body has,” JoAnn “We are a Holistic said. “I also have training in approach center, looking at Myofacial Release, Sports Massage all aspects of an individual and Prescription Yoga. The results to help them gain a have been amazing.” physical, emotional and The Center also offers Young spiritual balance while Living Essential Oils (and classes), feeling empowered in their Raindrop Therapy, Garden of Life personal and professional Nutritional products, and Original lives,” Susan said. “We offer Medicine products. The products are massage therapy, Trigger a combination of the best of nature Point Therapy, Raindrop and science, and are supported by Therapy and Reflexology, education and innovation. as well as EFT (Emotional “With these techniques, Freedom Technique), and experiences and education, the Heal Your Life workshops use of Essential Oils, and the best for individual and groups of nutritional supplementation, using the philosophies of life can take on a new meaning for Louise L. Hay and based on many,” Susan said. “Decreasing the book You Can Heal Your physical and emotional pain, life, which has sold over 40 gaining personal responsibility by million copies worldwide.” education, and exposure to new Susan had a ways of thinking about ourselves background in marketing and the world can prepare you in and advertising, then your journey wherever you’re going transitioned to massage or what you’re facing.” therapy and Reflexology For more information, call 541after her daughter Susan Timmel and JoAnn Roberts of Heal Your Life Center. 441-3694 or 541-821-9299. graduated from high school.

Page 2 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

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The 2015 “Best of the Rogue Valley”

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 3

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Part I: People & Businesses



Edited by Curtis Hayden Back in July 1986, when I started the Sneak Preview, I modeled it after a free, alternative newspaper in Denver called Westword. I had been dividing my time between Denver and Grants Pass since 1976 and felt it was time to settle down and do something productive. Back in the day, Westword had an annual readers’ survey, “The Best of Denver,” that was extremely popular, and in September 1987, I decided to introduce the concept to the Rogue Valley. It was a big hit, and today our sister publications, the Ashland and Medford Sneak Previews, and the Talent News & Review, also include readers’ surveys. The concept is so popular that I have counted four other publications in the valley that have attempted the same thing. I’m not complaining, mind you. Since I borrowed the idea from Westword, it’s not like I had a patent

on it. I do take comfort in the fact that we were the first, the trendsetters, and all the other publications are mere copycats (smiley face). What I have noticed is that all of the other publications allow readers to vote online. I’m just not comfortable with that. Yes, it’s easier, but it opens the whole thing up to rampant ballot stuffing. As an individual, I have received emails from people with links to particular readers’ surveys, telling me to vote for them. All I had to do was click on the link and make the vote. That’s way too easy. Sure, it’s easier to count—you just let the computer do the work—but people can have all their relatives and friends vote for them simply by sending them a link. Granted, making everyone fill out ballots and mail them in doesn’t eliminate ballot stuffing, but it accomplishes two purposes: 1.) It

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Page 4 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

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August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 5 makes people at least put a little effort into it, and 2.) It makes it a lot easier to catch. And we take ballot stuffing into consideration when counting all the votes. That being said, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what happened in the Rogue Valley since the last “Best Of.” • Our October 2014 issue covered the race for county commissioner between Simon Hare and Mark Gatlin. At the last second Toni Webb entered the race as a write-in candidate. Hare still won comfortably, but in December he’d get in a little hot water after pulling a prank in the Cedarwood Tavern by surreptitiously sending texts on a friend’s cell phone. Turns out it was someone else’s cell phone, and her family didn’t think the joke was funny. Some called for Hare’s resignation, but if we didn’t allow public officials to attempt practical jokes, we’d be setting them up for an impossible standard. That’s just my opinion, of course. • Then in November we covered the race for sheriff. You could also almost see in the lines of Gil Gilbertson’s face that he was a little stressed out over his job, and the voters decided to give him a rest as they elected challenger Dave Daniel the new sheriff. • Our December issue featured an interview with former TV weatherman and meteorologist Leon Hunsaker, who reminisced about the infamous Flood of 1964. • In February, we reported on a local group that was determined to get a public safety levy passed. This time they paid for a scientific survey to be conducted to see exactly how much the public was willing to pay and exactly what they expected to get for it. So the measure went to the voters in May and was rejected decisively. Sigh. I’ve told everyone for years that a small, supplemental levy earmarked for specific items will pass easily, but no one will listen to me (see our “Best of the Rogue Valley” question on page 22 for more information). • In March 2015, our cover story featured county commissioner Cherryl Walker and political activist Toni Webb arguing over economic development. I tried not to pitch it as a catfight, but that’s basically what it boiled down to. Now Webb has filed an ethics complaint against Walker (and Simon Hare) for promoting a hemp farm that they had invested in. • The brouhaha over a 6-year-old boy at Lincoln Elementary being punished for tardiness by having to sit behind a divider at lunch made national and

international headlines. Our reporting in April tried to put everything in perspective and calm down the hysteria. • In May and June we featured some Gonzo journalism from yours truly, as I reported on jury duty and also an interview with a homeless man. It was definitely a fun year, but let’s move on to the 2015 “Best of the Rogue Valley,” our 29th annual readers’ survey. In categories that were too close to call, we awarded multiple winners.

DEMOGRAPHICS To gauge exactly what kind of people were answering this survey, we asked the question “favorite TV show.” Again, we received multiple responses but only recorded shows that received at least two answers. And the top six were: • NCIS. • Game of Thrones. • Criminal Minds. • Walking Dead. • Downton Abbey. • Modern Family. • Jeopardy.

MEDIA RADIO STATION PLAYING THE “BEST” MUSIC The Arc of Music runs from classical to pop, with a lot of iterations in between. There’s not a radio station alive that can appeal to everyone because human variation in musical preferences is just too broad. There aren’t many country fans who appreciate a good Snoop Doggy Dogg recording, and very few Big Band aficionados care much for the latest gig from Judas Priest. But when it comes to providing the greatest number of listeners with music to their ears, KAJO (1270AM) won this category over its sister station KLDR (98.3 FM). They were followed in the balloting by: • KCMD (99.3). • KROG (96.9). • KBOY (95.7). • KCMX (Lite 101). • KDOV (91.7). • KZZE (106.3).



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Page 6 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015 topics and guests to talk about the issues important to Grants Pass.” The guests can range from the county commissioners and the Grants Pass City Council to the Constitution Study Group. Also mentioned a lot were: • Don Monette at KCMD. • Perry Atkinson at KDOV.

BEST LOCAL TV NEWS STATION I just went through the online headlines of a local TV station and it included “Police search for suspects in white truck,” “Prison escape caught on camera,” “Fatal crash on Highway 46,” “Shooting investigation in Grants Pass,” and “Police report details from Springfield double murder.” Pretty uplifting stuff, huh? To their credit, our local news teams do report on positive events in the community and keep us informed on political and social issues. It’s just that crime and mayhem appeal to our rubbernecking natures. For the umpteenth time in a row, our readers chose NewsWatch 12 (KDRV), with “Brian, Ashley, Brian and Kate” leading the way, followed by KTVL (Channel 10) and KOBI/Channel 5. Also receiving votes were Fox 26 and Southern Oregon Public Television.

FAVORITE TV WEATHERPERSON Last December we did a story on former weatherman/meteorologist Leon Hunsaker, who regaled us with stories about the Flood of 1964, which he accurately predicted 50 years ago based on a theory of movements in the jet stream that he had developed. It was fascinating stuff, and you can hear that and more almost every night from many talented meteorologists on our local TV news stations, starting with Kate McKenna, who is the Chief Meteorologist at KDRV, which she joined in June 2014. A native of Kentucky, she became interested in weather at age nine while witnessing a historic hailstorm in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that resulted in $500 million in damage. Also making the list were: • Kevin Lollis of KTVL. • Jeff Heaton of KOBI. • Seth Philipps of KDRV. • Milt Radford of KTVL.

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While the Sneak Preview recently celebrated its 29th birthday, the Courier has been around since 1885, which makes it 130 years old. It started off as the Grant’s Pass Courier (complete with a misspelling of the name), changed to the Rogue River Courier in 1886, and then became the Grants Pass Daily Courier in 1919 after the city of Woodville changed its name to Rogue River. Its claim to fame? When the Courier became a daily in 1910, Grants Pass was the smallest city in the world to have leased wire service from the United Press. (Thank you, Wikipedia!) One hundred and thirty years is a tough act to follow, but the faithful crew at our favorite almost-daily newspaper is up to the challenge. Taking down the top spot was sports editor Ben Maki, who has been with the Courier since 2011. Ben grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, received his degree in journalism from Texas Tech, and his favorite major league baseball team is the Texas Rangers. Others mentioned a lot were: • Edith Decker, entertainment editor. • Jeff Duewel, natural resources. • Jim Moore, city beat. • Shaun Hall, business reporter. • Ruth Kingsland, education reporter. • Kevin Widdison, editor. • Kathleen Alaks, features reporter.

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 7

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Page 8 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

Priority: Women’s Health Meet Jenny Kowalczyk, the new women’s health nurse practitioner at Josephine County Public Health. Jenny is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable—two really important traits to have in her profession. After all, no one looks forward to their OB/GYN exams. But Jenny’s respectful manner and attentiveness put people at ease. In addition to those yearly exams, Jenny offers confidential STD screenings, plus pelvic and breast exams, and other gynecological services. You won’t meet anyone who’s easier to talk to than Jenny. If you want to talk about birth control, Jenny’s an expert and can help you decide which option is best for you—oral contraceptives, an IUD, implants, or something else. Public Health can bill your insurance, or offer assistance to those who are underinsured or who have no insurance. No one will be turned away.

Cutest Baby Wesley Harmon

CUTEST BABY BORN IN LAST YEAR We had three contestants this year (actually four, but someone didn’t label the photo, and it got lost in the shuffle). It was a tough, tough race for the top spot, but in the end Wesley Harmon emerged as cutest. The list also included: • Lylan Renée Brown. • Reid Jacoby.

FAVORITE ADS IN THE SNEAK PREVIEW For everyone who wrote in “all,” we (and our advertisers) thank you. And while a lot of people mentioned restaurant coupons, we were actually looking for ads that showed a little zip and creativity. And in that regard, many of our readers mentioned the back page, public service ad that Steve Roe at Roe Motors GM offers every month. Also mentioned a lot were: • Club Northwest. • Human Bean. • AesthetiSpa. • Caveman Heating. • Evergreen Federal.

FAVORITE LOCAL FACEBOOK PAGE The Grants Pass Sneak Preview is actually in the process of developing a Facebook page, so for all of you wringing your hands over our absence, you can rest easy. A number of local Facebook pages were mentioned, and RogueWeather.com landed on top. It’s a local compendium of forecasts and current conditions. Others receiving some notice were: • Jo Co Scanner Group. • Grants Pass Happenings. • Glass Forge. • Broad Adventures.

PEOPLE/BUSINESS BEST NEW BUSINESS IN TOWN (LAST YEAR) You have to admire anyone who takes

Josephine County Public Health 715 NW Dimmick St., Grants Pass

541-474-5329 Monday–Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome!

Birth Control • Confidential STD Screening • Annual Well-Woman Exams Cute Baby Lylan Renée Brown

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 9

Come Celebrate With Us

Sunshine Is Giving Away $2,000 Worth Of Healthy Gifts To Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary. Mark Your Calendar, Thursday August 20th … One Day Only

Dozens of Instant Winners: Prizes Valued Between $15 & $50 Will Be Given Away On The Spot Fifteen Winners ... $30 gift certificates for vitamins of your choice Cute Baby Reid Jacoby the initiative to start a new business. Despite what Rand Paul says, nine out of ten new businesses do not fail. The true statistic is that within four or five years, 50% of all businesses fail, but even that may be overstated depending on the definition of “failure.” Either way, it’s not easy running a business, and our hats are off to those who give it a try. Taking down the number one spot this year was The Haul, a new restaurant/bar/social space in Grants Pass at 121 SW H Street. Also mentioned were: • Ready Ride, a non-emergency transportation service for AllCare members in Southern Oregon. • Climate City Brewing (509 SW G), the area’s newest addition to the craft beer scene, serving beer and upscale pub food. • Oregon Mattress Authority at 424 SW 6th. • Tommi’s Ice Cream at 101 SW 4th.

FAVORITE BUSINESSPERSON Not everyone is cut out to be a businessperson. It entails a certain amount of responsibility, risk, and stress, and usually only the strong (and even tempered) survive. Quite a few local businesspeople were mentioned in this survey, but in the end Travis Boersma of Dutch Brothers landed on top. Travis made the news recently when he decided to claim some thoroughbreds at Grants Pass Downs. Hopefully, his enthusiasm will inject some new energy into local horse racing. The list also included: • Scott and Annette Draper at Club Northwest and Spa at Club Northwest. • Frank Wright and Roy Heinzle of the Kitchen Company. • Steve Roe of Roe Motors GM. • Virginia Kramer of Thrive Wellness.

Sorry, little buddy, but your photo wasn’t labeled and it got lost in the shuffe.

Six Winners …certificates for full-body relaxing massages …each a $40 value Shower Filters, Essential Oil Diffusers, Organic Smart Chickens, 20% Off Coupons, & Lots More Will Be Given Away!

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n oy 10 15 Savin s On Sunshine s ost Popular & ffe tive Produ ts or The ntire Anniversary Wee Au ust 1 th Thru the nd

Page 10 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015 • Giff Gates of Gates Furniture. • Dave Thomason of Taprock (and other restaurants). • Carl and Mimi Raskin of Elegance.

MOST COMMUNITYMINDED BUSINESS Giving back to the community is the credo of quite a few local businesses, and topping the charts in this category was Evergreen Federal Savings (we miss you, Brady!) and Roe Motors GM. They were followed by: • Dutch Brothers. • Greenleaf Industries. • Human Bean. • Club Northwest. • Three Rivers Community Hospital.

FAVORITE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER (CITY) Back in my substitute teaching days, I concentrated mainly on high school and middle school. One day at a morning assignment in Denver, I was asked if I wanted to fill in at an elementary school for the afternoon. No problema. If I can handle teenagers, 7 and 8-year-olds will be a snap. Well, I was certainly wrong. After about four hours of herding the young’uns around and dealing constantly with their needs, I was so spent I drove straight home and took a 2-hour nap. My admiration for elementary school teachers increased dramatically. Quite a few teachers were mentioned in this survey, starting with the number one choice, Heidi Sembach, a second grade teacher at Riverside Elementary. She was followed in the balloting by: • Jennifer Seymour, 4th grade at Highland. • Michelle Kunst, 5th grade at Redwood. • Janis Morgan, Kindergarten at Parkside. • Steve Fuller, 5th grade at Redwood. • Angie Kassab, Kindergarten at Riverside.

FAVORITE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER (COUNTY) On the Three Rivers School District’s side of the ledger, 3rd grade teacher Carrie Simpson of Madrona Elementary won this category.

FAVORITE PRINCIPAL As principal of a school—elementary, middle, or high—you’re faced with the age-old conundrum of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. Not only do you have to cater to every little whim of the darlings under your care, but there are teachers, janitors, cafeteria staff, and of course, parents. Oh, and if you make one little mistake, the press (and Facebook) will be all over your case. So coming up with that 25th hour in the day shouldn’t be too hard an assignment. Working his way through the new, improved 25-hour day is this year’s winner, Jake Musser, principal of Allen Dale Elementary, followed by: • Dennis Misner, North Valley High School. • Dave Stone, Hidden Valley High School. • Ryan Thompson of Grants Pass High School. • Jeff Weiss, South Middle School. • Jessica Durant, Riverside Elementary.

FAVORITE LOCAL SPORTS COACH It’s a labor of love to put in a full 8-hour day as a teacher, then help guide athletes through the rigors of training and game-day. Our local sports coaches do a great job, and nowhere is that more evident than with Jenner Yriarte, track coach at Grants Pass High School, who was voted this year’s favorite. Jenner led the Caveman to a 2015 state championship. Also in the running were: • John Musser, GPHS football coach. • Lowell Anderson, GPHS soccer coach. • Maria Kilborn, GPHS volleyball coach. • Todd Willaman, North Valley High School football.

FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR AT RCC As an alumnus of RCC (I took Biology, Botany and Chemistry in the fall of 1980, and Anatomy & Physiology Summer 1981), this is always a fun category for me. I also taught a Community Ed class there from 198082 but didn’t quality for a retirement watch. The college has definitely grown leaps and bounds since my days as

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August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 11 a student/“professor.” Winning this category among our readers this year was Pat Enos in the Art Department, followed by: • Mike Strickler, Science. • Randy Wade, Business. • Steve Carlino, Health/PE. • Karl Brake, Art.

FAVORITE DENTIST So a woman and her husband interrupted their vacation to go to the dentist. “I want a tooth pulled, and I don’t want Novacaine because I’m in a big hurry,” the woman said. “Just extract the tooth as quickly as possible, and we’ll be on our way.” The dentist was quite impressed. “You’re certainly a courageous woman,” he said. “Which tooth is it?” The woman turned to her husband and said, “Show him your tooth, dear.” Favorite Dentist is always one of our more popular categories, and this year was no exception, as almost everyone had an opinion (when it comes to your teeth, there’s no middle ground). The competition was stiff, but landing at the top this year was Darren Huddleston and Sara Riechers. The Top Six were: • Steven Rogers. • Matthew Hill. • Greg Bigelow. • Mart Erickson. Also receiving lots of votes were: • Richard Miller. • Paul Anderson. • Ray Sutton. • Jim Hales. • Peter Pastrell.

FAVORITE FAMILY DOCTOR A man goes to his doctor and says, “I don’t think my wife’s hearing is as good as it used to be. What should I do?” The doctor replies, “Try this test to find out for sure. When your wife is in the kitchen doing dishes, stand

fifteen feet behind her and ask her a question. If she doesn’t respond, keep moving closer asking the question until she hears you.” The man goes home and sees his wife preparing dinner. He stands fifteen feet behind her and says, “What’s for dinner, honey?” He gets no response, so he moves to ten feet behind her and asks again. Still no response, so he moves to five feet. Still no answer. Finally he stands directly behind her and says, “Honey, what’s for dinner?” She replies, “For the fourth time, I SAID CHICKEN!” Thirty-one different MDs were mentioned in this year’s survey, and the top featured a tie between Heather Kahn (Rogue Medicine), Steven Foutz and Donna Givens (Grants Pass Family Medicine). The list also included: • Felicia Cohen (Women’s Health Center). • Andrew Luther (Grants Pass Clinic). • Angela Mount (Asante Physician Partners). • Mark Rondeau, family practitioner. • Kristin Miller, Siskiyou Community Health Center. • Andrew Pitsak. • David Abdun-Nur, Mountainview Family Practice. • Tamara Medley (Women’s Health Center).

Serving Grants Pass since 1985

• Free Water Analysis • Pool & Spa Parts • We Rebuild Pool & Spa Motors

FAVORITE PEDIATRICIAN I couldn’t really find any good pediatrician jokes, so we’ll just move right into the voting. And winning this category, with strong support from the 6-18 month voting bloc, was Dr. Steven Marshak, D.O., of the Siskiyou Pediatric Clinic. Also mentioned a lot were: • Judy Black, Grants Pass Clinic. • Salma Yahya, Siskiyou Pediatric Clinic. • Yung K. Kho. • William Kohn.

Seasonal Changes!

New Studio Hours For Summer/Fall: Open the 2nd week of each month, Thurs., Fri., Sat. of the following dates:

June: 11, 12, 13 July: 9, 10, 11 Aug: 13, 14, 15 Sept. 10, 11, 12 Beginning October 15th, we will be open Thurs., Fri., Sat. of each week through December with exception to holidays.

The creative process takes time. And that’s exactly what Chris has

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555"'0(1' 02123#(.".,8"'0(1"'0(1' 02123#(."., Visit Chris Hart Studio on Facebook and Pinterest www.thesaintpainter.blogspot.com

Page 12 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

Sneak Preview Coupon

FAVORITE PHYSICIAN’S ASSISTANT A physician’s assistant “is a nationally certified and state-licensed medical professional who practices medicine on healthcare teams with physicians and other providers.” Most programs are approximately three years in length and require the same prerequisite courses as medical schools. There are subtle differences between them and nurse practitioners, and to try and explain them all would take more space than is available. Many of our readers, however, know the difference and they named a few local PAs in this survey. Topping the list was Brett Rasmussen at Wellspring Family Practice, followed by: • Shanna McGowan at Grants Pass Clinic. • Chelsea Burchette at Mountainview Family Practice. • Scott Swindells, Siskiyou Community Health Center. • Esther Moore at Grants Pass Clinic.

20% Expires 8/23/15

FAVORITE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE PRACTITIONER Don’t let the “alternative” part of this nomenclature fool you—naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists know their stuff, and while they’ll attempt to cure your current aches and pains, they’ll also try to lead you down a path of optimal health that could cut future health care costs. Our readers mentioned quite a few alternative medicine practitioners in this survey, reserving the number one spot for naturopathic doctor Ellen Heinitz at the Naturopathic Clinic. Also mentioned a lot were: • Acupuncturist Janet Moret. • Acupuncturist Gregory Doss of the Acupuncture & Herbal Medical Center. • Kristin Plunkett of the Naturopathic Clinic. • Acupuncturist Raven Sara.

FAVORITE CHIROPRACTOR It all started in 1895 when D.D. Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor. Later that year, he helped another patient who had heart troubles, and he made the pronouncement that “spinal manipulation is the cure for all


Xtreme Auto

Brakes $95 per axel includes re-

surfacing rotors/drums and new brake shoes/pads.

20x20............$8,350 20x24............$8,700 24x24............$9,400 24x28............$9,850

24x32..........$11,100 24x36..........$12,200 24x40..........$13,250 24x44..........$14,200

*hydraulics not included • Expires 8-31-15

Transmission Service

Includes filter and fluid. (On most vehicles)


Xtreme Auto

Expires 8-31-15

4040 Highland Ave., Grants Pass 541-479-5455

www.dombuilders.com call Dominic 660-0710 or 474-0285

diseases for the human race.” He might have been exaggerating, but there’s no disputing the fact that the spine, and the nerves encased within them, work a lot more efficiently when everything is lined up correctly. Which is why a lot of us swear by our chiropractors. Where to go when the spine is starting to get all kattywampus? Our readers most often mentioned Scott Thorsen, followed closely by: • David Krauss. • Owen Martin. • Kevin Teagle. • Ryan Baker. • David Willing. • Glen Litwiller. • Edward Welch.

FAVORITE OPTOMETRIST The biggest difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist is that no one in the Western world can spell ophthalmologist. Just kidding, the latter is actually an MD who can do operations on the eye, while an optometrist “provides primary vision care ranging from sight testing and correction to the diagnosis, treatment and management of vision changes.” Topping the charts in this category was Dan Vidlak of the Eye Care Group. Also mentioned a lot were: • Michael Schwartz. • Jeff Pelson of the Eye Care Group. • Scott Walters of the Eye Care Group. And we promise that next year we’ll include the category “Favorite Ophthalmologist.” Just be ready to spell it!

FAVORITE HAIR STYLIST You know, if you put the root of a hair cell under a microscope, it’s beyond butt ugly, but once everything grows out and gets cut and buffed and combed, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the human body. Who do you go to when you want those hair cells to cooperate? Many of our readers this year chose Holly Knoll and Amy Taradash, both of whom work at the Spa at Club Northwest. This is another one of those favorite categories with readers, and 28 different hair stylists were mentioned. The Top Eight included: • Jackie McConnell of Salon Vanusto. • Carol Oyler at Carol’s Image Connection.

• Kathy Johnson. • Erin Camacho at Salon Venusto. • Janie Peters. • Kelcie Easter of Serendipity— Studio 201.

FAVORITE MANICURIST Well, I spent about two hours weeding in the garden last week, and my nails looked like something out of Creature from the Black Lagoon. I literally spent an hour trying to pick dirt and grime out of the nails, and I’ll admit I felt a lot better when they were clean. Then I had this interesting thought: “Maybe, just maybe, I should visit a manicurist!” My wife, of course, thinks I’m insane for not visiting them on a monthly basis, but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, where to go when those nails need a little extra work? Many of our readers mentioned the talented staff at Forever Nails, followed by: • Katrina Lorentz of Spa at Club Northwest. • Kelsey Collins. • The staff at Blue Door Salon. • The staff at Get Nailed.

FAVORITE AUTO BODY SHOP Yeah, we know, it wasn’t your fault. What idiot placed those metal bars in the parking lot, anyway? Oh, they were there to protect a gas meter? That makes sense, but it still wasn’t your fault! That scenario actually happened to me a couple of years ago as I was backing out of a restaurant parking lot. It cost a pretty penny to get fixed. Where to go when that happens in Grants Pass? The top dog in this category turned out to be DJ’s Bump & Paint Parlor, located at 325 SW G. The list also included: • Apland’s Auto Body. • Star Body Works. • Ham’s Body Shop. • Valle’s Auto Body.

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 13

BEST PLACE TO GO FOR A TUNE-UP You’re spewing black smoke from the muffler, the car suddenly lurches when you’re driving down the highway, and sometimes it takes 37 times turning the ignition just to get it started. You also suddenly went from getting 32 miles a gallon to eight. Something’s wrong, right? If you start with the simplest solution, the car’s probably due for a tune-up. And when that happens, our readers suggest visiting Tom’s Auto Service, followed by: • Best Auto Service Center. • Autosmith. • Wheeler Toyota. • Star Automotive. • Huck’s Garage. • Roe Motors GM. • Smerdon Automotive. • Xtreme Auto Repair. • Bridge Street Auto.

• ind ody entered herapy • dults dolescents ouples and roups Treating anxiety and stress, despair and loss, relationship issues, trauma and somatic complaints.

FAVORITE ATTORNEY When you think of famous lawyers, a few come to mind—Clarence Darrow, F. Lee Bailey, Johnnie Cochrane, William Kunstler. All of those guys achieved notoriety by defending controversial cases or causes. The vast majority of attorneys, however, work cases that never make the front page. They work hard, and they come in handy whenever you get entangled in the legal system. This is another popular category with our readers, and they named quite a few attorneys, including this year’s number one, Kathi Holmbeck. She was followed in the balloting by: • Chris Mecca. • Lynn Myrick. • Richard Adams. • Jim Dole. • Jack Davis. • Duane Schultz. • Dennis James. • Dan Simcoe.



1750 Dowell Rd • Across from Farmer’s 541-476-6416

NO ’S THE TIME TO FOR A SUMMER TUNE-UP. CALL TODAY 1750 Dowell Road, Grants Pass “Serving Grants Pass for 38 Years”

Page 14 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015


An alternative to the 1-800 out of town lawyers

I talked with a police officer a few years ago who told me that even he got nervous on the highway if a police car appeared in his rear view mirror. That’s what happened to a friend and me while driving to Reno last week. We got pulled over, and my buddy, who was driving, was so nervous that the cop probably thought we had a dead body in the trunk. It turned out to be a false alarm, but we lost about five pounds sweating out the ordeal. We’re hoping this isn’t just a honeymoon period, but newly elected Sheriff Dave Daniel was the runaway winner in the category for 2015. He is, unfortunately, facing even more budget cuts and if something isn’t done soon, public safety in Josephine County will really become problematic. Moving onto more positive things, our readers also recognized: • Grants Pass Police Chief Bill Landis. • Sheriff’s Deputy Joel Heller. • Grants Pass Detective Pete Jenesta. • Grants Pass Deputy Police Chief Jim Hamilton. • Grants Pass Officer Jason Peil. • Grants Pass Officer John Moore.


Dick Adams

Rogue Law Firm PC Serving the Rogue Valley for over 30 years


My wife and I did all of our taxes— both personal and business—for twenty years until one day we had an epiphany: “Why don’t we let a professional do this?” It turned out to be a wise decision. Not only did it save us time, but it was done right, and we actually ended up saving money. On that front, our readers named quite a few local accountants and CPAs. The final tally ended up as a tie between Randy Jentzsch and Brenda Patton, followed by: • Bobbie Winters. • Cynthia Harelson. • Ken Behymer. • Karen Doyle. • David Raskin. • Stu Watson. • Linda Lemmons.

FAVORITE FINANCIAL ADVISOR There are a lot of things more important than money—health, love

and the Chicago Cubs come to mind— but being financially secure certainly helps jumpstart the whole circle of life. And whenever you have a little left over, it’s always good to invest it for rainy days. Sure, you could go out and buy that 60-foot yacht or have a putting green installed in the back yard, but getting a little return on your money is the smart thing to do. Where to go when you need some advice? Our readers first mentioned Chris Isabell of Rogue Advisors. He was followed by: • Nelson Maler of Morgan Stanley. • Danny Sawyer of Securities America. • Todd Thompson of Rogue Advisors. • Ken Guerra of Investment Resources. • Jeff Voigt of Primerica. • Paul Hart of Edward Jones.

FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT OWNER There are about a thousand and one things to keep track of every day when running a restaurant—food, employees, utilities, bathrooms, billing, fussy chefs, public health inspections, advertising salespeople, the list goes on. Our hats are off to the many restaurant owners out there who give it 100% every day. Quite a few owners were mentioned by our readers, and landing at the top was Manuel Flores, owner of Flores Family Restaurants in Grants Pass, which include Si Casa Flores, Taqueria Mexico, Flores Tacos Locos and Si Casa Xpress. Others mentioned a lot were: • Dave Thomason of Taprock and Elmer’s. • Bob and Darla Feil of the Train Depot and River’s Edge. • Tina Gotchall of the Powderhorn. • Mike and Beth Forshay of Twisted Cork. • Bret Musselman of 115 Broiler. • Jose Palomino of Casa Amiga. • Nancy Bowers of Goldminer Restaurant.

FAVORITE WAITPERSON You’re about ready to call it a day, when a group of twenty people walk in the door wanting to be served. They’re loud and semi-rude, but you get the table prepared, put on your best smiley face, and start taking orders. It turns out that they’re all movie stars who are in town to shoot a scene for the next segment of Game of Thrones.

the Rogue River, floating down in Tahitis or tackling the Lower Rogue in drift boats. We were fearless back then (too much alcohol, perhaps), but every time I read about someone drowning in the Rogue River, I realize how lucky I was. If I ever decide on another whitewater trip, it will definitely be in the hands of a competent professional. And in that regard, our readers gave top nod to Orange Torpedo Trips, based out of Merlin. They were followed by: • Rogue Wilderness Adventures. • Ferron’s Fun Trips. • Alternative Whitewater Adventures. • Hellgate Jetboat Excursions.


I went to a wedding a couple of years ago at a private residence, and while the guests were in the backyard waiting for the ceremony, we all looked up to see a plumber on the roof inserting a “snake” into a pipe. It turns out that right before the ceremony was to start, all of the plumbing in the house backed up! That’s what I call unlucky. Thankfully, the plumber saved the day, and the ceremony, reception and party afterward went off without a hitch. Whom to turn to when the wedding is on the line? Our readers first mentioned Rich at Aristocrat Plumbing, followed by: • Michael’s Plumbing. • Frank Rauch Plumbing. • Al’s Plumbing Service. • Heritage Plumbing. • Grants Pass Plumbing. • Mr. Rooter.

Why didn’t the bartender serve the snake? Because he couldn’t hold his drink. Or: So a dyslexic walks into a bra … Or: What does a termite say when he walks into a bar? “Is the bar tender here?” Or: What did the bartender say when two jumper cables walked into the bar? “You guys better not start anything in here.” So … moving right along. Winning this year’s category for Favorite Bartender was Bob Lewis of the Cedarwood, followed by: • Willie Evans at the Wonder Bur. • Danielle Brooks at the Alibi. • Butch at the Wonder Bur. • Perry Selkner at the Taprock.

FAVORITE TREE PRUNERS When we moved into our house in 1992, we planted 35 trees on the property. As you can imagine, some of them are gigantic now … and some of them have died. Just within the last year, we’ve had to have five huge trees removed. It was kind of sad, but life goes on. There are lots of tree pruners in the valley, and our readers named almost all of them, reserving their top spot for Eric’s Tree Service. Also landing high on the list were: • Southern Oregon Tree Care. • Tree Servicing Pros. • A-Z Tree Service. • Reliable Tree Service. • Jeff Dean’s Tree Service.

FAVORITE WHITEWATER RAFTERS Back in the day, I practically lived on

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 15

No Expiration

While Tyrion would keep you busy by continually ordering more wine and Daenerys was a little haughty, that Jon Snow guy sure was cute, and Jamie Lannister actually grew his hand back. Anyway, 26 different waiters and waitresses were mentioned in this survey, and topping the charts this year was Katie Roselle of the Train Depot. The list also featured: • Jessica Pardue of Taprock. • Tricia Walker of Elmer’s. • Dotti Kochis at 115 Broiler. • Rachel Geiger of River’s Edge. • Debbie Hamblin at the Powderhorn. • Joe Gomez of G Street Bar & Grill. • Frank Arturi of 115 Broiler. • Lupita at Taqueria Mexico. • Tina Gotchall at the Powderhorn.


FAVORITE ELECTRICIAN They say that a bolt of lightning can have 100 million to one billion volts and contains billions of watts. When I was golfing in Tahoe last month, we encountered lightning late in the afternoon on all three days. On the third day, it got so bad that they actually shut the course down. But I guess when you’re talking about one billion volts, it’s probably not something to mess with, especially when you consider that the typical DC current carries anywhere from 48 to 120 volts. There’s a certain amount of risk being an electrician. You definitely want to make sure the power is turned off before you start sticking screwdrivers into mysterious places. And when it comes to that, our readers were able to

Bonded and Insured • CCB Lic. # 173956


Page 16 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015


National Health Center Week

name quite a few. Leading the charge this year was Norm Sky of Sky Electric. He was followed in the balloting by: • Advanced Electrical Services. • Brownell’s Electric. • Bormuth Electric. • Michael Gatt. • Darrin Fowler.

August 9 - 15

Mikey was a landslide winner as Cutest Pet.

CUTEST PET This was a total landslide as Mikey, the greeter at Thrive Wellness, won this contest.

FREE BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK Monday - Friday (Walk-In Clinic & Cave Junction Medical Clinic)

Grants Pass Medical Clinic

Receive a $20 Gift Voucher towards medical or dental services

1701 NW Hawthorne Avenue • Grants Pass

IMMUNIZATIONS Monday - Friday (Walk-In Clinic & Cave Junction Medical Clinic) 1st 25 kids (18 & under) get a FREE Back-to-School Backpack

SPORTS PHYSICALS Monday - Friday (Walk-In Clinic & Cave Junction Medical Clinic)

Walk-In Clinic

1701 NW Hawthorne Avenue • Grants Pass

Cave Junction Medical Clinic 25647 Redwood Hwy. • Cave Junction

$25 Each. Enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate at Competitive Athletics

Dental 1035 NE 6th Street, Ste. B • Grants Pass

FREE KIDS DENTAL CLEANINGS Monday - Friday (Siskiyou Dental Clinic in Grants Pass) 1st 25 kids (18 & under) get a FREE Back-to-School Backpack Please call 541-479-6393 to make an appointment.

Pharmacy 1701 NW Hawthorne Avenue • Grants Pass 25647 Redwood Hwy. • Cave Junction

FAVORITE STORE DOWNTOWN While the city of Grants Pass wasn’t incorporated until 1887, the first post office was established in 1865, and the town was named after Gen. U.S. Grant’s victory at Vicksburg. At that time, the downtown area consisted of a couple of blocks on Sixth Street, and a few buildings on Historic G Street. Today, the downtown core has shown a revival that is unmatched in most cities in Oregon. And we can thank our loyal, downtown merchants for helping with that rejuvenation. Winning this category in a landslide once again was The Kitchen Company, a kitchen appliance store at 301 SE 6th Street. They edged out Grants Pass Pharmacy in the balloting, while the Top Twelve included: • Fiona Bean. • Never a Bum Steer. • Shop River Rock. • La Bella Casa. • Blind George’s. • Oregon Outpost. • Tierra del Sol. • Bead Merchant. • Herb Shop. • Violet Continued.


An Affordable Solution For Quality Health Care

Fred Meyer was the top dog in this contest, followed by: • Wal-Mart. • Fields Home Center. • Cartwright’s. • Rogue River Florist. • J.C. Penney. • Maurice’s. • Cary’s of Oregon. • Bi-Mart. • Home Depot. • Jan’s Hallmark Store.


541.472.4777 • www.siskiyouhealthcenter.com This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

If you look carefully at one of those special, gift-giving calendars, you can find reasons to buy gifts for almost every day of the month. I almost have to draw the line at Groundhog Day and National Dairy Day, but most of the others deserve gifts, especially if I’m the

August 1, 20156 — The Sneak Preview — Page 17

We are working with Energy Trust of Oregon to help you reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.

lub ave C fe Join C for li % 5 1 Save ularly on reg led u sched nce na mainte ice. rv and se

You play hard outside.....


Caveman works hard for you inside.

Main Office Grants Pass: 969 SE 6th Street (541) 479-3351 Grants Pass North: 1329 NE 6th Street (541) 472-8874








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Page 18 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015 recipient. Where to go when you want to buy the editor of the Sneak Preview a gift? Our readers most often named Hellgate’s Shop River Rock, although the vote was close at the top with Jan’s Hallmark receiving a lot of support. Others high on the list were: • Never a Bum Steer. • Oregon Outpost. • Kitchen Company. • Grants Pass Pharmacy. • Rogue River Florist. • Violet Continued. • La Bella Casa. • Fiona Bean. • Sandi’s Candies.

BEST SPORTING GOODS STORE The Pacific Northwest is famous for its outdoor activities, from whitewater rafting and hiking to fishing, hunting, camping, golf, baseball, softball, tennis and lake kayaking. There are plenty of stores catering to the outdoor needs, with Big 5 topping the charts with our readers. The list also included: • Bi-Mart. • Fred Meyer. • Bradbury’s Gun-N-Tackle. • Competitive Athletics. • U-Save Gas & Tackle. • Club Northwest Pro Shop.

BEST PLACE TO BUY KIDS CLOTHES Now that I have grandkids, there’s something I never noticed about little kids—they grow out of their clothes real quickly. Just kidding … I noticed it as a parent, also, but it just didn’t seem to happen so fast! Where to go when the kids outgrow their clothes and need more? Most of our readers mentioned Fred Meyer and Wal-Mart, but when you want a little more personal service, they chose: • Chesi Jo’s Baby Boutique. • Eco Tots Boutique. • Kids Corner. • It’s a Small World. • Baby Connection.

BEST PLACE TO BUY MATTRESSES For some reason, you wake up in the morning and it feels as if a band of wild monkeys had been jumping on your back all night. Then you turn on

your computer, and your daily tip of the day reads, “A mattress that has been in use for 7-10 years is no longer providing you with the best comfort and support and should be replaced.” Well, duh, and you thought they lasted forever … or was it the wild monkeys? Our readers were able to name most of the local mattress dealers in this survey, reserving their number one spot for Gates Home Furnishings, located downtown at 700 SW 6th. Others high on the list were: • Oregon Mattress Authority. • Active Home Furnishings. • Mattress Land. • Quality Mattress. • Mattress Experts. • Bed Store.

BEST PLACE TO BUY REFRIGERATORS/ STOVES Keeping up with the Jones’ really doesn’t apply when it comes to kitchen appliances. How many neighbors peek through the window and tell everyone, “Did you see the 20-year-old refrigerator they have?” “I know,” another busybody says, “and that stove; I think it was used in the Civil War.” No, that kind of stuff doesn’t happen, but having the engine go out in the frig or the stove malfunction—well, now there’s a reason to buy a new one. Taking down top honors in this category for 2015 was Sears Hometown Store, located at 1533 NE F. They were followed closely by: • Home Depot. • Active Appliance. • Appliance & Mower Center. • Household Furniture & Appliances. • T&N Appliance.

BEST SCUBA SHOP I’ve only tried scuba once. It was on the Illinois River back in the Summer of 1979, and my “instructor” gave me about two minutes of instruction, then threw me into the deep end. I floundered for about a minute, then decided that maybe I should have received a little more instruction and preparation. Where would I go? This ended up in a tie between Coral Sea Scuba, located at 1680 Williams Highway, and Sundance Divers, at 543 NE E. Gary Bluhm’s Northwest Scuba School was also mentioned as a great place to take scuba classes.

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 19

FAVORITE BOOKSTORE One of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind was Gutenberg’s printing press in 1440. The mechanization of bookmaking led to the first mass production of books in Europe, allowing authors like Martin Luther to distribute hundreds of thousands of books in their lifetimes. Will the Kindle make books obsolete? It will be a sad day when you can’t sit in front of a fire with a good book in your hand, not a piece of technological metal. Anyway, there are still a few good bookstores left to cater to the Gutenberg crowd, including this year’s winner, Oregon Books & Games at 150 NE E, followed by: • My Bookstore. • Magazine Exchange. • Evangel Books. • Iguana Comics & Gifts. • Heartsong, Inc.

BEST PLACE TO BUY BLINDS/CURTAINS There are essentially three things to consider when buying blinds and curtains: 1.) How well do they modulate the sunlight? 2.) How well do they provide privacy? And 3.) How good do they look? I mean, you can always just nail some aluminum siding over the window if all you wanted to do was keep out the sun. And when it comes to blinds and curtains, our readers were a little discerning, picking Draperies N Things (547 NE E) as their favorite. Others mentioned were: • Mr. Mini Blind. • Budget Blinds. • Home Depot. • Michelle Jueden Custom Drapery & Design.

BEST SELECTION OF WOMEN’S CLOTHES As a spectator sport, shopping isn’t

that exciting. Every year my daughter and I take an annual 3-day road trip, which always ends with her shopping at a mall somewhere. I do my best to keep up, but I always take a book with me and invariably will fall asleep, like in a comfy sofa at H&M or Forever Young, despite rock music playing at earsplitting levels. Here in Grants Pass, there are a number of places to shop for women’s clothes, and while the big three of JC Penney’s, Fred Meyer and Ross received a lot of attention, so did: • Maurice’s. • Violet Continued. • Tierra del Sol • Fiona Bean. • Emilia’s Closet. • Never a Bum Steer.

BEST SELECTION OF MEN’S CLOTHES Every year or so I go shopping for a couple of new pairs of pants, some new shorts and shirts, and, uh, socks. Then I rely on my wife and daughters to supplement the wardrobe at Christmas and on my birthday. They have my back … literally. And where should they go to shop? Most readers picked Fred Meyer, although JC Penney came in a close second, followed by: • Ross. • Wal-Mart. • Roley’s Pacific Supply. • Goodwill.

BEST PLACE TO BUY HATS If anything, you need a place to buy a hat when the Kentucky Derby rolls around. Where to go when you want to cheer American Pharaoh onto a win, or just generally want to look good? A lot of people mentioned Ross Dress for Less. Also topping the list were: • Tierra del Sol.


hinese oot eflexolo y QingSong Zhang Chinese Trained & Certified 30 Years of Experience o can eflexolo y help le el and stren th

ith ener y

Listen to this happy client: I was at the end of my rope. I had been to a naturopath, chiropractor, and my doctor. Nothing was working, and my condition was worsening. My whole digestive system was on the fritz. It wasnʼt working well. Not only that but my left heel was releasing toxins from digestive tract. It wasnʼt pretty. I was getting more stressed on top of it all. This is about the time I called Quingsong. It was Quingsong who came to my aid. After the first session, I began to feel some relief. I felt more energetic. I was sleeping all night. My mind was becoming more peaceful. Now, my life is sweeter and happier. I feel better than Iʼve ever felt in my life. A healing has begun. Reflexology worked wonders for me. In deepest gratitude, A. M. Dombrowska

Please call Feng at (541)955-1728 for an appointment!


on 5 1- 55-1


524 NE 7th St. Grants Pass

Most everybody has heard about the Law of Attraction - you know the one - like attracts like, what you think you will become, etc. However, what mom may not have told you is this isn’t the only law in town. The law that may be making cigarettes, food, alcohol, etc. more desirable or irresistible and anxieties, procrastinations, fears, etc. more stuck in place regardless of your efforts and good intentions is know as the Law of Reversed Effort. The Law of Reversed Effort states that by putting the focus on what you can’t have/don’t want the more you will want it, do it, and/or have of it. Not only is it sneaky but it drains and depletes you by creating inner conflict, stress and inconsistency. Hypnosis is one of the fastest and easiest ways to break the Law of Reversed Effort and stop it from interfering with your success, health and well-being. Sometimes breaking the Law can be a good thing!

For your FREE 20-minute phone consultation or to schedule an appointment call Andrea at 541-761-5478

Page 20 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015 Over 10 Years in the Rogue Valley! Family Owned & Operated

• • • •

Never a Bum Steer. Fred Meyer. The pro shop at the golf course. Roley’s Pacific Supply.

BEST PLACE TO BUY HEARING AIDS Hot Stone Therapy - Swedish Massage - Customized Facials Pregnancy Massage Facial Peels & Waxing - Massage/Facial Packages Makeup Application - Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims Accepted Open by Appointment 541-474-6883. Vine St Plaza - 2900 NW Vine St Ste A

NATURAL PRODUCTS USED The Cleaning Crew Housec leaning You Can Count On Us! and Windows Too! Prepare Homes for Sale Rental Move In and Move Out Excellent References & Reasonable Rates

541-476-1702 541-601-6236 Since 1988

Licensed Bonded Insured

www.The CleaningCrewOnLine.com

New Patients Welcome Janet Moret, Licensed Acupuncturist and Toni Francis, Licensed Massage Therapist Office Open Tues, Wed, Thurs & Saturday by Appt. Most insurance accepted FREE CONSULTATIONS 311 SE H. Street, Grants Pass 97526

541-479-2599 We accept MC and Visa

It’s amazing that mere sound waves in the ear canal move tiny bones in the middle ear, which create a fluid movement in the cochlea, triggering a response in the hearing nerve. And that’s how you hear everything from a whisper to a sonic boom. It’s extraordinary that hearing lasts as long as it does, but when things do go south, you want to take care of them right away. There are a number of great hearing aid specialists in town, and our readers named all of them, including their first choice, the Audiology Associates of Southern Oregon. Also high on the list were: • Beltone Hearing Center. • Quality Hearing Care. • My Hearing Centers. • Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center. • American Hearing Aid Systems.

FRIENDLIEST FLORISTS Flowers are perfect for almost every occasion, from births and weddings to birthdays and funerals. They brighten up every room, and many restaurants even feature fresh flowers at the table. Because they are surrounded by so much beauty 24/7, florists have a natural tendency to be happy about their jobs, and our readers appreciate their efforts. Taking down the number one spot this year was Probst Flower Shop, located in the Williams Highway Plaza. The vote was close, however, as both Rogue River Florist and Judy’s received a lot of votes.

BEST PLACE TO BUY FLOWERS/SHRUBS/ TREES Back in June, I didn’t think we were going to have enough water to get our flowers through the summer. Then the big deluge in July came, and I think we’re going to be all right. Late summer and fall is actually a good time to do some planting, as the roots will get established before winter sets in and they’ll be ready to go at spring time. With Chet’s shutting down and moving to Brookings, we thought it would be interesting to see how this category played out, since Chet’s had won it for the last ten years. And as the last precincts were reported, Redwood Nursery, located at 1303 Redwood Avenue, was the winner, followed by: • Penniesworth Acres Nursery. • The Grange Co-Op. • Home Depot. • Fred Meyer. • Sandy’s Nursery. • Diamond Home Improvement. • Greenleaf Greenhouse. • Bi-Mart.

BEST PLACE TO BUY CELL PHONES They’re definitely ubiquitous and worse than that, they’re everywhere (that’s a joke, by the way). They’re also like little kids—every night that have to be plugged into bed and recharged (I almost feel like reading Good Night Moon to them). And then they make weird little noises right in the middle of your backswing at the golf course. And … oh never mind; no matter how much we complain about cell phones, life would be unbearable without them, so let’s just enjoy the moment. There are a number of places to buy cell phones locally, and our readers named U.S. Cellular at 1610 Allen Creek Road and 220 NE Beacon as their favorite. The list also included: • Verizon. • AT&T.

• Sprint. • Chat Cat.

GROCERY STORE WITH FRIENDLIEST CHECKERS They move a lot of food in the course of one day, and they know the price of every item down to the nearest penny (or at least the code scanner does, but who’s counting?). Through all that, they still have time to chat and get to know you, commenting on the weather and how the Seahawks are doing, and what did the price of Microsoft look like this morning, etc. Winning the hearts and minds of our customers this year were the friendly checkers at Safeway Also mentioned a lot were: • Fred Meyer. • Albertson’s, which is now Haggens. • Cartwright’s. • Gooseberries. • Ray’s Food Place. • Grocery Outlet.

BEST PLACE TO BUY STEAK KNIVES Your neighbor just unloaded 34 pounds of zucchinis from the garden on you, and you’ve got to get them cut for that Mother of All Salads that you promised your church group for the Summer Social. You’ll be going through knives like crazy, and you’re going to need the best and the brightest. Where to go? Our readers strongly recommended the selection at The Kitchen Company, located at 301 SE 6th, where every kitchen item under the known sun is available. Also receiving votes were: • Bi-Mart. • Cartwright’s. • Wal-Mart.

FAVORITE GAS STATION Now that the deal with Iran has been brokered, our former enemies will be opening up their oil spigots to the global market. And I guess y’all know what that means, right? When supply goes up, the price goes down. Yay, free market system! And when it comes to anticipating lower gas prices, our readers once again named Fred Meyer, at the corner of the Parkway and Beacon Drive, as their favorite gas station, followed by: • Lonnie’s Texaco at 7th & Morgan. • Larry Henderson’s “A” Street Chevron. • Towne Pump. • The ARCO Station at 7th & “M.” • Union 75 South. • U Save. • Fireball.

FAVORITE STORE IN MEDFORD/ASHLAND Going to shop in Medford and Ashland is our own little version of a global economy. Despite the fact that everything we buy is from China or Bangladesh, it seems as if we’re keeping all the money in Southern Oregon. And when it comes to that, our readers once again named both CostCo and Trader Joe’s as their number one. Other favorite destinations are: • Macy’s at the Mall. • TJ Maxx. • Sportsmen’s Warehouse. • Kohl’s. • REI. • Paddington Station in Ashland. • Winco. • Renaissance Rose in Ashland.

POLITICS FAVORITE CITY COUNCILOR It was another uneventful year on the City Council, although I suppose

that’s a good thing. We really don’t want to see fistfights break out, or audience members screaming for recalls, or earthquakes destroying the Council chambers. There are good things to being uneventful. Once again, all eight City Councilors received votes, with the number one spot going to Lily Morgan, followed closely by Dennis Roler and Dan DeYoung.

FAVORITE COUNTY COMMISSIONER “Uneventful” is not the word to describe the county commissioners. First, Simon Hare got in a little hot water for a prank he pulled in a local bar. After that died down, there was another attempt to get a public safety levy passed. Then local activist Toni Webb filed an ethics complaint against Commissioners Simon Hare and Cherryl Walker, claiming they had a conflict of interest while lobbying for a hemp farm when they actually were investors in said farm. Just another day at the office in Josephine County. All three of the commissioners have their supporters, but once again Cherryl Walker won this category, followed by Keith Heck and Simon Hare.

BEST THING GOVERNMENT HAS DONE IN LAST YEAR Locally, a lot of people were ecstatic over recreational marijuana being legalized. On the statewide level, Gov. Kitzhaker resigning was also a good thing. And on the national level, a lot of people were happy that the Affordable Care Act was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court.

WORST THING GOVERNMENT HAS DONE IN LAST YEAR A lot of people were upset over the failure to pass a public safety levy. For the fourth time in five years, a levy went down to defeat, as the supporters just can’t seem to find the right arguments for its passage. Also making the list were: • The new, unimproved logo for the City of Grants Pass. • Legalizing marijuana. • The Supreme Court’s affirmation of Obamacare. • Suggesting a city sales tax.

A VERY UNSCIENTIFIC POLITICAL POLL Each year we ask our readers to answer four political questions just to gauge the mood of the community. These answers are “relatively” accurate since very few people stuff the ballot for them. 1. Should outdoor growing of marijuana in the city limits of Grants Pass be banned? Okay, here’s the thing: we all passed Measure 91, which made recreational marijuana legal. It also allowed everyone to grow four plants at their home, similar to making home-brewed beer or wine. The only thing is some marijuana plants can get stinky (think skunk) and for a few people it’s unpleasant, especially if they voted no on Measure 91. The City Council is planning to vote on an ordinance that would not allow those four plants to be grown outside. Is that within the letter of the law? What about people who hate the smell of lavender? Should it be moved inside? Or cilantro? I hate cilantro. Anyway, I digress, and our readers disagree with me. Yes, ban outside growing: 62% No, it’s fine outside: 38% 2. Would you vote for a small, supplemental county levy to fund the jail? This is a plan that I have

been pushing for five years, and I’m desperately waiting for someone on the Board of County Commissioners to take some leadership. The commissioners could put something on the ballot today asking for a mere 50¢ per $100,000 assessed evaluation as a supplemental, one-year levy just to get us through the year. Then next year the Budget Committee will look at what we have and decide how much the supplemental levy would need to be for the next year. It sounds like a hassle doing this every year, but what else are we going to do? My readers, by the way, agree with me on this one. Yes, would vote for: 75% No, would not vote for: 25%

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 21

3. Do you like the new City of Grants Pass logo? I really haven’t stayed on top of this issue very well, but apparently the City paid a local tourism-related firm to come up with a new logo, and the final result is not sitting well with a lot of people. Yes, looks great: 24% No, it’s butt ugly: 76% 4. Do you think cell phones cause brain tumors? This is one of those things that sounds logical. When you ask someone if placing a small device next to your brain for long periods of time as it emits strong electro-magnetic radiation would be harmful to your health, the vast majority would say yes. It sounds gruesome. Few studies, however, have shown any negative health effects. Do cell phones really cause brain tumors? Our In-Home readers aren’t buying it. Repair Voted “Best of the Rogue Valley” Yes, cell phones are bad: 41% No, they’re completely safe: 59% HONEST, LOW PRICES! ***** www.actionapplianceserviceor.com Well, let’s just break open that bottle of Basil Hayden bourbon that I placed Trip & Diagnosis on top of my computer two days ago as a motivation to finish this. I’ll see you $39.00 next month for Part II of the “Best of (within 10 miles of Grants Pass) the Rogue Valley.” May Basil Hayden Tom Bange, Owner Call the Professional at be with you (he’s my great-great-great Serving Southern Oregon granduncle, by the way). for 32 years! —C.H.



Page 22 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

from the archives Twenty-five Years Ago with Editor Curtis Hayden Things were getting pretty crazy 25 years ago. In our August 7, 1990, edition, I wrote, “Last week, we got a demented message on our answering machine. It went something like this: ‘You are the rottenest, most evil person there is. You irritate people. Those who are evil have this thing that aggravates people. You’re evil.’ Again, we have no idea what the person was referring to. The message was so garbled that it sounded as if the caller was having a nervous breakdown. At first we thought someone was playing a rap song from 2 Live Crew’s latest album, but it was too weird even for them. The only evil thing the Sneak Preview has done is provide an open, public forum for individuals and groups to make their views known. And after listening to the psychotic message on our answering machine, we’re decided we’d rather be evil than insane.” ***** Our Profile person for the August 7th issue was Charles Wright, aka Chuck Wade. At that time, he was the Emergency Food, Shelter and Transportation Coordinator for a federal and state funded program. Charles also was a deejay at KAJO and played in a local jazz band. My most vivid memory of him, though, was as the leader of the Chuck Wade Band. When I first arrived in Grants Pass in February 1976, the band was a big hit at the old Red Baron. It was, of course, the heyday of the Disco Era, and Chuck adapted to the times by doing his groove thing. Oh, to be young again! ***** One of Gary Larson’s “Far Side” cartoons featured a dog and a cat on the floor aiming guns at each other, with only “click, click, click” sounds coming out. On the couch watching them was a man and a woman. The woman said to the man, “Introducing automatic weapons to a couple of dumb animals was irresponsible to begin with, Frank, but my God, to think you almost left the bullets in!” Too funny, and it’s a perfect allegory for how we let complete morons and insane people have such easy access

to weapons in this country. ***** It was seriously deranged 25 years ago. In the August 14, 1990, issue, we received a letter from Bill Bonville of People United for Responsible Education (PURE), accusing me of taking leave of my senses, being an apologist for the commissioners, and printing “verbal assaults leveled against individuals or groups courageous enough to withstand such editorial abuse and focus attention on the machinations of the clique (let’s not call them Good Old Boys) that dominates affairs in Josephine County.” I wrote back: “This brand of politics includes a complete distrust of anyone in authority, and if anyone disagrees with them, it opens them up to accusations and mudslinging. We have watched this type of adversarial politics develop in Josephine County over the past four years, and we think the offending parties should be held accountable for their actions. Our ‘attack’ on PURE was not on their political opinions, but on their tactics of intimidation via malicious putdowns in their newsletter.” Thankfully, a lot of the ugliness from those days rarely rears its head in today’s political scene, at least in Josephine County. Back in 1990, it was brutal, but people eventually tired of all the mudslinging. Even Bill Bonville mellowed out and was elected to the School Board. (Note to Bill: I still have that essay you sent on education and Common Core, but there hasn’t been room to print it. It’s sitting on my desktop waiting for the perfect moment.) ***** In July 1990, the City of Grants Pass banned all open burning within the city limits. While a lot of people worried about what to do with all the yard debris they collected, we reminded everyone that Jo-Gro Compost was accepting material. Today, both Southern Oregon Sanitation and Republic Services provide green bins for curbside pickup of woody and leafy debris. Yah, progress!

Foothill Retirement Centers I & II are now accepting applications for their one-bedroom apartments. The facilities are equipped with an elevator, emergency system and in-house mail delivery. Applicants must be 62 years of age or older and meet current income limits for singles and for couples. Applications can be picked up in the office at 2031 NE D Street, Grants Pass between 7:00am and 5:30pm Tuesday through Friday.

For more information call 471-9425 TDD# 1-800-735-2900 or dial 711 Community Housing facilities house elderly persons without regard to race, color, religion, disability, familial status, national origin or gender. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its federally assisted programs and activities. Interpretive services may be available upon request.

kudos & klunkers KUDOS to Sales Manager Ben Sharrard of Gates Home Furnishings. He practices excellent customer service, has impressive product knowledge, and he is compassionate.

by Tallulah Two

KUDOS to Richard and Renate Gyuro of Alpacas at Lone Ranch (541-8218081). Their tours of their beautiful place are delightful and very informative as guests interact with their intelligent animals. KUDOS from Kristi Kennelly to Dr. Mark Deatherage, MD, at Grants Pass Surgical Associates for being a doctor who “is competent and kind and does not hide behind a computer when seeing a patient. Kudos also to his helpful and professional staff, in particular, Valerie and Pam.” Harper Lee: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” KUDOS to the recent electronic recycling and shredding event by Aspire. Such a helpful, well-managed, free event for the community. KUDOS from Nancy Holt to Dr. Jim Hales, celebrating his fiftieth year in dentistry. You can totally relax in his gentle, expert care. Thank you. KUDOS to Dennis Milbradt of King Jewelers. He was willing to take on a difficult task of repairing a nearly seventy-year-old set of frames with baby pictures dear to our family. KUDOS to Seventh Day Adventist Volunteer Healthcare teams who do blood pressure checks and offer valuable health counseling and literature at various stores. Call 541-476-6313 for information. KUDOS to Paul Davis who suggested in a letter to the editor that this column just write Kudos to focus on positive observations. After an editorial conference, a decision was made to keep including relevant Klunkers. Thank

you, Paul, for your idea. Eric Hoffer: “Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.”

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 23

The Sneak Preview

P.O. Box 129, Grants Pass, OR 97528 • (541) 474-3044 • E-mail: [emailprotected] www.sneakpre.com Publisher: Penny Colvin; Editor: Curtis Hayden; Staff Writers: Nathaniel Hayden, Matt Hegarty, Dave Moodie, Nancy Holt, Rob Pell, Doug Beacham, Christin Bryk, Pam Kelley, Nick Wiesinger; Ad Sales: Staff; Advertising Consultants: John Kochis; Dotti Kochis; Graphic Design: Juliet Hayden; Nathaniel Hayden; Circulation: Professional Distribution Services & the U.S. Post Office. Published monthly (generally the first Wednesday of the month), the Sneak Preview direct mails 28,219 copies in the Grants Pass market area, with 3,000 extra copies distributed on the stands, including Merlin and Murphy. Reproduction of any portion of the Sneak Preview without our consent is flexible.

KLUNKERS to the entrances to our local bridges. They are not properly lighted. They are especially dangerous at night and in the rain. KLUNKERS to people defrauding Medicare. KLUNKERS to drivers who cut off other drivers in traffic. What can they be thinking? Henry David Thoreau: “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” KLUNKERS to those who leave children unsupervised in facilities for the elderly. Sometimes they can be dangerous. KLUNKERS to people who put money above moral treatment of others. KLUNKERS to people who deny the known dangers of exposing others to sprayed poisonous chemicals. KLUNKERS to perpetual pessimists. Bob Goddard: “Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these.” Bumper Sticker Gems • Things get better with age. I’m approaching magnificent. • The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent, smiling woman. • My idea of a diet is blowing the sugar off of a donut. • We’re all in this together. • Peace through chocolate – too busy enjoying it to fight. • Yay for the rain! • My husband said, “It’s me or that cat.” I’ll sure miss him. • Celebrate diversity.


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health corner

Perfect Foods Condemned By Imperfect Science with Rob Pell Why would doctors or scientists proclaim certain foods unhealthy, even if those foods have helped sustain human life for thousands of years? When doctors and scientists give the thumbsdown to traditional foods, the problem usually lies with the incomplete nature of their modern science rather than with the time-tested foods themselves. Modern, Western-style medicine became prevalent in the early 1900s. It’s been used to treat a very small percentage of the people who have ever lived on this planet. One example of medical science’s incomplete understanding of a healthy time-tested food is the anti-cholesterol myth about eggs it began preaching 40-

50 years ago (a comparative blink-of-the-eye, in all human history). Doctors vilified eggs because they discovered the yokes contain cholesterol. However, they failed to recognize that eggs also contain a natural fat emulsifier called lecithin. Studies published by Kansas State University researchers demonstrate that eggs’ natural lecithin helps prevent unhealthy cholesterol buildup. Results of a heart health study published in the International Journal of Cardiology in 2005 showed that egg consumption had no effect on the blood vessels ability to widen to keep blood flowing well. Eggs are an excellent source of choline, which has been linked with preserving memory, as well as lutein

and zeaxanthin, which help protect against vision loss. They also contain nutrients known to reduce blood levels of hom*ocysteine, an independent risk factor for heart disease. Whole eggs, a food that helped sustained human health for hundreds of generations, was demonized by Western scientists and doctors who failed to understand the balance and perfection in this valuable, natural whole food. Other food misunderstandings: Is Green Tea a health food or a health risk? After plain water, tea is probably the most widely consumed beverage in the world’s history. Dr. Sheldon Sheps, a Mayo Clinic hypertension specialist advised us that tea and other beverages containing caffeine may raise blood pressure and may put us at risk. But what many researchers don’t undertand about Green Tea is that while it contains some caffeine, it’s quite balanced and also contains the amino acid L-theanine. In the brain, L-theanine increases dopamine and serotonin production and induces relaxation. Study results published in the Journal of the American Medical

Association proved a significant reduction of death from cardiovascular disease among drinkers of green tea. Over 40,000 people were studied for more than 11 years. Those drinking more than 5 cups of green tea every day cut their mortality risk from cardiovascular disease by 16%. Mayo Clinic modern theories don’t stand up to ancient, real world traditions. Japanese Miso Soup has been a staple in the Japanese diet for thousands of years. It’s a salty, fermented soybean paste that is added to soup at the end of cooking for flavor and intestinal health. I think it’s delicious. Many western doctors consider the amount of sodium in miso to be a risk to cardiovascular health. But human studies on miso among Japanese adults conclusively prove the opposite. One 10-year study involving 40,462 Japanese participants showed that despite miso being high in sodium, eating it regularly reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke. Miso is another example of a time-tested traditional food that western doctors have yet to figure out a way to respect. Natto is another traditional fermented soy food. It’s often eaten with rice for

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breakfast in Japan and is a rich source of easily absorbed protein. My wife loves it. Natto is one of the world’s best sources of vitamin K, which makes it extremely valuable for calcium absorption and bone building. Western doctors advise many people with heart problems or those at risk for stroke, especially people using blood thinners to avoid all foods containing vitamin K because it’s also the blood clotting vitamin. Unfortunately they don’t understand the perfect balance of Natto, which also contains Nattokinase, a natural fibrinolytic enzyme that can help dissolve clots. Its action reduces thrombosis that can lead to heart attack and stroke. Natto offers perfect balance and abundant vitamin K, along with clot prevention Before modern medical science condemns traditional foods, it would show more wisdom by considering the multi-thousand year health-promoting reputation many time-tested foods have clearly earned.

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 25

thor of the book Wellness Uprising: The Book Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Read.)

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Page 26 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

gardening notes Tranquility in the Garden by Kristin Bryk Water features provide many benefits to an outdoor living space and make an excellent focal point when placed in a position that may be viewed from multiple areas of the garden and home. There are various water features to consider that are diverse in styles, sizes and varying levels of maintenance. A bubbler water feature that may be nestled next to a patio or pathway is a perfect addition for a smaller scale garden. There are many types of glazed ceramic containers that may be selected to tie into a formal or contemporary style landscape. Drilled natural rocks lend a more naturalistic approach and blend nicely into a Japanese or Northwest garden design. The base of the bubbler feature that contains the water typically consists

of a pond liner or a reservoir basin to retain the water for circulation. When choosing a pond liner, I highly suggest using 45-mil that is thicker and more durable. A reservoir with a liner may be designed to have a pool of water surrounding the bubbler or be filled in with river rock to create a pond-less feature. AquaBlox is the perfect addition if you desire a lower maintenance feature that is pond-less. This modular storage system provides over three times additional water storage than river rock, which means less time spent filling up the reservoir because of evaporation. Two types of basins I have used in my water feature designs and installation projects consist of plastic or galvanized metal. The plastic basins

are less expensive and shallower in height, which is easier to install. There are multiple sizes of these basins that will accommodate different weights and quantities of bubblers. It is important to consider the size of the stone in order to select the correct basin to support it. Echo chambers are fabricated using galvanized metal and have individual grates that sit on the supports allowing water to flow through the openings creating an amplified sound. This type of basin is more expensive than the plastic ones but well worth the investment if you are looking for additional sound for the garden. The surface of the grates of these basins is covered with river rock or decorative stones which is easier maintenance since it’s harder for leaf and debris to collect into the reservoir. Natural water features bring tranquility to a garden, making an oasis to share with others as well as attracting wildlife. Birds and butterflies come to visit to get a drink and play in the water. Placement is key to ensure optimal enjoyment. Oftentimes when I am designing a feature of this scale, the back yard tends to be the most popular scenario. I always consider the views from

the inside of the home to optimize the placement of the feature. When constructing the elevation for the spillways, I am careful to provide plenty of room for plant material to embellish the spillways and pool. There is nothing more unnatural than having a mound of rocks built up next to a fence with no room for plants. There are some wonderful local sources of boulders to choose from when designing a water feature. Picking out a mixture of sizes of rock will help add variation and interest. Mossy boulders are very beautiful and look established as moss and lichens fill the crevices. Granite boulders are another great local product to choose from. There are a few items to consider in determining the correct sizing of the pump for your water feature. To gauge the correct GPH (gallons per hour), the diameter of the pipe that will be circulating the water will need to be measured. You will need to determine the head height of your feature, which is the vertical height from the top of the spillway to the base of the pump. I always suggest selecting the pump 1.5 times the head height for optimal performance and to ensure a strong water flow with a flow reducer valve to adjust the amount of water that will be circulating. For example, if your water feature is 36” tall, select a pump with a maximum lift of 54”. Water brings tranquility to any space and provides many benefits for people and wildlife to enjoy together, making this investment well worth the time and energy in creating something one of a kind.

The Twisted Cork Bistro & Wine Bar

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Lunch, Dinner, Dessert & Amazing Wine! Tuesday Thursday 11:00 8:00 last seating Friday & Saturday 11:00 9:00 last seating 210 SW 6th Street Between G & H Streets 541 295 3094 thetwistedcorkgrantspass.com

August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 27

Page 28 — The Sneak Preview — August 1, 2015

calendar of events Edited by Nick Wiesinger Seriously, only one more month of summer? Am I in a time warp? Either way, let’s have some more fun …

Friday, July 31 Today marks the attempted usurpation of John Komnenos the Fat in 1201. The idiot joined in a coup in Constantinople that lasted one day, and he was soon relieved of 11 pounds of useless weight from the neck up. Oregon Cabaret Theatre continues with Cabaret. Showtime is 8pm ThuMon and Sundays at 2pm through August 30. For tickets, call 541-4882902 or go to oregoncabaret.com. Camelot Theatre in Talent has one weekend remaining of the hit Broadway musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Showtime is 8pm Thu-Sat and 2pm Sundays through August 2. Call 541-535-5250 for tickets or go to CamelotTheatre.org. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival continues with plays Tue-Sun through November 1. Call 541-482-4331 for tickets and go to osfashland.org for the complete schedule. The world famous Britt Classical Festival opens tonight in Jacksonville. The Classical portion of Britt will continue through August 15. For tickets, go to brittfest.org or call 541-773-6077. The rest of the schedule this month includes: • Tue., Aug. 18: The Devil Makes Three and Trampled by Turtles. • Thu., Aug. 20: Michael Franti & Spearhead. • Fri., Aug. 21: Chris Isaak. • Sat., Aug. 22: Dwight Yoakam. • Thu., Aug. 27: Randy Newman. • Sun., Aug. 30: Vince Gill. • Mon., Aug. 31: The Gipsy Kings.


Saturday, August 1 British scientist Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen on this day in 1774. I wonder what everyone was breathing before that? The weekly Growers’ Market will be held every Saturday from 9am to 1pm in the parking lot behind the Post Office. This is a combination market and social event for the community. The Barnstormers continue with the melodrama Avarice in Ambrosia, directed by Wayd Drake and featuring an all-star cast of local talent. It will play Fridays, August 1, 8 and 15, at the theater at 112 NE Evelyn. Showtime is 7:30pm. Cal 541-479-3557 for tickets or go to www.barnstormersgp.org.

Tuesday, August 4 The first intercollegiate sporting event, a boat race between Harvard and Yale, took place on this day in 1852. March Madness, here we come! The weekly Concerts in the Park, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses, will conclude tonight with Kelly Thibodeaux and Etouffee. The band “combines red hot fiddle, shufflin’ rhythm and blues, and kickin’ southern rock to create an exciting new sound known as Swamp Rock.” The fun begins in Riverside Part at 6:30 and is free to the public.

Friday, August 7 On this day in 1974, Phillipe Petit created a sensation by walking on a tightrope extended across the World Trade Centers in New York. His mom advised him not to look down. Oregon’s own living blues legend

Masterworks 1

Are you cleaning closets out to get ready for the holidays? Bring in your clean, chip-free vases and receive anywhere from 50¢ to $10 in-store credit for each one.

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$15-$55 Students 50% off regular prices Limited $10 seats in Medford and Grants Pass

Nielsen: Symphony No. 4, “The Inextinguishable”

Martin Majkut Music Director



August 1, 2015 — The Sneak Preview — Page 29

ROGUE VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY A Fundraiser for the Animals

August 29, 2015 2 pm – 7 pm Tom Pearce Park - Grants Pass

BANDS, BREWS, FOOD! Vendors & Family FUN! $20 Samples incl. $10 under 21 Under 10 Yrs. FREE NO OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGES ALLOWED PARKING IS INCLUDED

Tickets: RVHS 541.479.5154 roguevalleyhumanesociety.org

65 Years in Service

Complete Body Repair and Painting Foreign & Domestic Cars & Trucks

1-800-STAR TOW

Star is pleased to announce that we are participating in the Recycled Rides Program, a nationwide community service project by the National Auto Body Council in which collision repair companies and other local companies collaborate to repair and donate recycled vehicles to families and service organizations in need; we have reached into our hearts and have selected a recipient from the Women’s Crisis Support Team, a non-profit organization in Josephine County that is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault through intervention, prevention, education and safe shelter; the presentation will be in November so please follow Star Collision Centers on Facebook for updates on the project.






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Curtis Salgado and His Band will perform at the new “First Fridays at the Center” music series tonight, starting at 9pm. The brainchild of All We Create Productions, the series will present quality musical entertainment at the GP Community Center (234 L Street) every First Friday. For ticket information, go to www.tickettomato.com. First Friday Art Walk will take place tonight, as galleries throughout Grants Pass stay open from 5:30-8pm for art, refreshments and entertainment. In the meantime you can visit various galleries throughout the month, including … • The Grants Pass Museum of Art (229 SW G) has a show featuring representational fabric collages by Lei Wiener. The show runs through September 25. • The FireHouse Gallery (4th & H) will present the Southern Oregon Art Show, works by community artists, through August 27. • The Wiseman Gallery on the RCC campus is hosting a show featuring photography by Millee Tibbs through August 27.

Thursday, August 13 On this day in 1913, Otto Witte, an acrobat, is crowned King of Albania. And who says the life of the circus is a dead end? Camelot Theatre in Talent opens tonight with “Spotlight on Perry, Jerry and Dean,” a musical review of three “classic crooners.” Showtime is 8pm Thu-Fri and 2pm Sundays through August 23. Call 541-535-5250 for tickets or go to CamelotTheatre.org.

Wednesday, August 19 Afghanistan obtained full independence from the United Kingdom on this day in 1919. Hmm … why didn’t we think of that! Just declare them free and get out. The Josephine County Fair opens today, and it promises to be a good one. I hope everyone took advantage of the armband deal that can be found in the Fair’s ad in this issue of the Sneak Preview. In addition to all the usual Fair stuff, there are daily stage shows with sea lions, interactive displays courtesy of OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry), Annie the Clown, cowgirl tricks stage shows, stilt characters, and lots more fun. On the Midway Stage, Roger Lenstrom and the Bear Creek Bank will open for Billy Lund and Whiskey Weekend on Wednesday. Thursday is DJ Night at the Fair with Don Monette. On Friday, singers Stephanie La Toree and Gretchen Owen entertain. And on Saturday, Steve Keim opens for 2013 American Idol Contestant and County Western singer Britnee Kellogg. Have fun, and stay cool!

“I want my patients to know that I will be their ally and help them to develop very personalized solutions for their medical issues.”

Dr. Caroline Kelly

is joining Women’s Health Center of Southern Oregon We are excited to introduce our newest physician! Dr. Kelly finds the practice of OB/GYN to be a rare privilege, partnering with women to optimize their reproductive health and overall quality of life. She first became drawn to OB/GYN when living in Southern Africa and helping mothers to deliver healthy babies. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and trained in Philadelphia, PA. She is joining our group to provide premier care to women of all ages. • Annual well-woman visits, emphasizing prevention and wellness • Prenatal, delivery and postpartum OB care • Contraception, family planning and infertility treatment • Gynecologic concerns and surgery–in office and hospital • Bladder and urinary incontinence treatment • Menopause management and HRT Dr. Kelly joins us on September 14. She is accepting new patients and takes most insurance plans. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Saturday, August 29

We listen to you. We care about you. We care for you. 1075 SW Grandview Ave. Suite 200 Grants Pass, Oregon 97527



On this day in 1984, followers of Bhagwan Rajneesh deliberately contaminated salad bars in The Dalles with salmonella. For anyone keeping score, 751 contracted salmonellosis but there were no fatalities. Ol’ Bhagwan died in 1990 at the age of 58. The Rogue Valley Humane Society will present “Blues, Brews & Barbecue,” a fundraiser for the animals, today from 2-7pm at Tom Pearce Park, just outside Grants Pass. There will be some great bands, vendors and family fun. Call 541-479-5154 for tickets or go to roguevalleyhumanesociety.org. A Gem & Mineral Show, sponsored by Scott’s Rocks, will be held ad 175 N. Main in Ashland Aug. 29-30. For more info, call 541-621-2558.

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Carol Thomas, CFNP, Joins Mountainview Family Practice After 12 years of providing healthcare in Grants Pass, Carol Thomas, CFNP, joins Mountainview Family Practice. As a family nurse practitioner, Carol cares for infants, children, teens, busy adults and seniors through her family-focused approach. From pediatric to geriatric patients, Carol Thomas provides the highest quality care for your entire family.

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Haircare Massage Bodycare Synergie Waxing Skincare Makeup Nailcare

# Ultherapy # TruSculpt # Laser Treatments # Injectables # Chemical Peels # Latisse # Spa Packages

New patients are welcome. Call today.

741 NE 6th St. Grants Pass, Oregon 541.471.2701 www.mvfp.com

Carol Thomas, CFNP, has been a member of Mid Rogue Independent Physician Assoc. since 2003.

Sept 4-Hank Schreve Oct 2-Pagan Jug Band Nov 6-Hillstomp Dec 4-TBA NYE-TBA



2160 NW Vine Street Grants Pass, OR 97526

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Cadillac Buick Trucks by GMC at

More “pebbles” from the curbside:

Clip and send to friends to show the good life we share here in Grants Pass.


Roe Motors


Mall GM 7thAuto & E Sts., Grants Pass, 476-7701 Visit our website at www.roemotors.com

FIRST CHAPTERS: A LIFETIME OF STORIES STARTS HERE One of the greatest acts of love a parent can provide a child is the simple act of reading to him or her. The warmth and love between a parent and child sharing a good book translates into a lifetime of stories and a love of reading that is irreplaceable in today’s world. In fact, one of the single most important indicators of success in life is one’s ability to read. That’s why my wife Kristi and I are committed to putting books in the hands of kids in our community. From Rotary’s reading-to-kids project to supporting the public library, we believe that making sure children have positive early reading experiences is key to building a better future for Grants Pass and Josephine County. It’s estimated that there are about 16,411 children between the ages of birth to 12 years in Josephine County. Our hope is that every child will not only have access to books, but also learn to love to read. New evidence shows that the earliest experiences from birth to three years have the greatest impact on a child’s future academic success. These early formative years are critical, and one of the best services for that age group is through the public library. The compelling need of babies and toddlers to be exposed to books and vocabulary and other forms of literacy learning as soon as possible for future success is undeniable. • Children from professional families have heard 30 million more words by the time they are three years old than those from families in poverty (article in the “American Educator” journal, 2003). • In Oregon, nearly 1/3 of third graders are not reading at grade level by third grade. • Students who are not proficient readers at third grade are

Tonya Harboldt and her daughter Addie read together in the children’s library at the Grants Pass branch of Josephine Community Libraries. four times more likely to drop out of school (Annie E. Casey Foundationfunded report, 2012). ***** With very few services available for families of small children, the public library is a refuge and a welcome place for the whole family. Currently, Josephine Community Libraries is working to update the collection of materials and books for babies and toddlers with an early literacy center called First Chapters. Through this project, the volunteers at the library plan to create a special place or “toddler corner” for families with young children. By March of 2017, they plan to buy new interactive books for this age group, and develop early literacy programs for the youngest members of our community. These programs will help families prepare for preschool and increase their children’s level of kindergarten readiness. As children enter school with better literacy skills,

New library patron Mark Vondrasek Jr. proudly displays his first library card. For many children, their first library card is a symbol of early responsibility and growing independence.

they have a greater readiness to learn, and start their school journey with success that they can build on through the years. Visit josephinelibrary.org to learn more about First Chapters and consider donating to make this dream possible. As always, the library will be free and open to anyone regardless of economic status. How do children ages birth to three years learn how to read before they are in school? They learn through activities with parents and family members—through sharing stories together. A statewide program called Storytime Oregon works to partner with public libraries and schools to promote the idea of having storytime every day, everywhere. Through their website storytimeoregon.com, families can find easy, fun activities to promote literacy for their youngest children. Play: Pretend to take an adventure to the moon or the bottom of the sea. Talk: Ask what colors, shapes

and pictures they see at the store or on a walk. Sing: Make up words to your favorite music. Sing and dance! Read: Read anything together in any language, like comic books, cereal boxes and road signs. “Turn every day, everywhere moments into fun learning opportunities for children.” ***** Another program that puts books in the hands of children in Josephine County is the Baby’s First Book Program at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. This program was started by Josephine Community Libraries and provides sturdy board books for newborns. Having books in the home with reading demonstrated by a parent is the best way to get kids interested in reading, and starting with a first book at the hospital can set a child up for a lifetime of reading. Many organizations in Josephine County are coming together to ensure that children ages birth to three years are receiving all the care and attention they need in order to be ready for Kindergarten. Groups like the Southern Oregon Early Learning Hub, Rogue Community College, Head Start, Southern Oregon Education Service District, AllCare CCO, Coalition for Kids, Child Care Resource Network, Department of Human Services, the local school districts, and child care providers. It takes a community to make the kind of change these organizations are trying to build, and we at Roe Motors can think of no greater cause for support than that of reading to children. I’m proud to live in a community that comes together to support our youngest people, and we’re happy to join them in building a better future, one reader at a time. —Steve Roe

Addie Harboldt reads “Sam and the Firefly” by P. D. Eastman, a Dr. Seuss favorite available for check out at the public library.

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