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The cast of Your Honor including daily popularity data. Updated on July 9, 2024.

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Bryan Cranstonas Michael Desiato (20 episodes)Bryan Cranston portrays Michael Desiato, a respected and esteemed judge who becomes entangled in a series of difficult choices after his son is involved in a tragic accident. Michael Desiato finds himself torn between his duties as a father and his responsibilities as a judge, leading to a conflict that will test his morality and put him at odds with those around him.#1Most popular actor on Your Honor7,640 Wikipedia views yesterday
Hunter Doohanas Adam Desiato (10 episodes)Hunter Doohan takes on the role of Adam Desiato, the son of Michael Desiato. Adam is a young man who becomes involved in a hit-and-run accident that sets off a chain of events that will change his life forever. As the consequences of his actions begin to unravel, Adam finds himself caught in a web of deception and must confront the truth about his choices.#9Most popular actor on Your Honor2,476 Wikipedia views yesterday
Carmen Ejogoas Lee Delamere (14 episodes)Carmen Ejogo plays the character of Lee Delamere, a savvy and intelligent lawyer who becomes intertwined with Michael Desiato's world. Lee Delamere is determined to uncover the truth behind the hit-and-run accident and will stop at nothing to bring justice to those involved. As the story progresses, her motives and loyalties are put to the test.#7Most popular actor on Your Honor2,774 Wikipedia views yesterday
Hope Davisas Gina Baxter (20 episodes)Hope Davis portrays Gina Baxter, the wife of a powerful crime family leader. Gina Baxter finds herself at the center of the turmoil and must navigate the dangerous dynamics of her family while trying to protect her own interests. With her witty intelligence and strategic thinking, Gina becomes a force to be reckoned with.#6Most popular actor on Your Honor3,949 Wikipedia views yesterday
Sofia Black-D'Eliaas Frannie Latimer (10 episodes)Sofia Black-D'Elia takes on the role of Frannie Latimer, Adam Desiato's girlfriend. Frannie is a compassionate and caring young woman who becomes deeply involved in the aftermath of the hit-and-run accident. As she discovers the truth about the events that transpired, Frannie is faced with difficult choices and must confront her own moral compass.#12Most popular actor on Your Honor1,722 Wikipedia views yesterday
Isiah Whitlock Charlie Figaro (20 episodes)Isiah Whitlock Jr. portrays Charlie Figaro, a well-connected and influential member of the community. Charlie Figaro is a key player in the unfolding events, with his knowledge and connections proving to be both a blessing and a curse. As the story progresses, Charlie's involvement becomes increasingly significant.#14Most popular actor on Your Honor1,198 Wikipedia views yesterday
Michael Stuhlbargas Jimmy Baxter (20 episodes)Michael Stuhlbarg plays the character of Jimmy Baxter, a dangerous and powerful crime family leader. Jimmy Baxter is consumed by a desire for revenge and will stop at nothing to bring justice to those responsible for his son's death. With his cunning and ruthless nature, Jimmy becomes a formidable adversary.#5Most popular actor on Your Honor4,013 Wikipedia views yesterday
Lilli Kayas Fia Baxter (20 episodes)Lilli Kay portrays Fia Baxter, the daughter of Jimmy Baxter and a member of the crime family. Fia Baxter is a complex and multifaceted character who must navigate the treacherous dynamics of her family while also realizing the consequences of their actions. Fia's journey intertwines with the other characters, adding further depth to the story.
Jimi Stantonas Carlo Baxter (18 episodes)
Benjamin Flores Eugene Jones (19 episodes)#17Most popular actor on Your Honor1,091 Wikipedia views yesterday
Keith Machekanyangaas Little Mo (18 episodes)
Andrene Ward-Hammondas Big Mo (15 episodes)
Nicoye Banksas Kendall Jones (1 episode)
Blair Underwoodas Roland Carter (1 episode)#2Most popular actor on Your Honor4,697 Wikipedia views yesterday
Todras Samas PJ (1 episode)
John P. Fertittaas Victor Smith (1 episode)
Donald Watkinsas Desk Cop / Sgt. (1 episode)
Gralen Bryant Banksas George Williams (1 episode)
Marvin Lavioletteas Security (1 episode)
Michael Hodsonas George Graham (1 episode)
Benjamin Wadsworthas Rocco Baxter (2 episodes)
Stacie Davisas Café Waitress (Norma) (1 episode)
David Dahlgrenas Vietnam Vet (1 episode)
Stephen Louis Grushas Scott Donald (1 episode)
Austin Naultyas Second Cop (1 episode)
Michael Aaron Santosas Andy Jefferson (1 episode)
Antonio C. McGillas Bailiff (1 episode)
Jenny Merceinas Ada (1 episode)
Bill Martin Williamsas Judge Tom Harris (1 episode)
Paul Flanagan IIas Curtis Glover (1 episode)
Dan Martinas Robbie Robinson (1 episode)
Frank Dealas Warden Ross (1 episode)#38Most popular actor on Your Honor30 Wikipedia views yesterday
Sam Maloneas Chris Cutler (1 episode)
Johnnie Dominoas Zo (1 episode)
Altonio Jacksonas Rakim (1 episode)
Theodus Craneas Guard Micky Abbott (1 episode)#36Most popular actor on Your Honor42 Wikipedia views yesterday
Dominic 'Taz' Alexanderas Rooster (Celly #1) (1 episode)
Kimani Bradleyas Celly #2 (1 episode)
Lucky Johnsonas Gate Guard (1 episode)
Kelly Lindas Staff Member (1 episode)
Tahj Vaughansas Man #2 (1 episode)
Britton Webbas Opp Guard #1 (1 episode)
Nicholas Marchanas Opp Guard #2 (1 episode)
Escalante Lundyas Guard Chavez (1 episode)
Joshua Stenvickas Guard Jenson (1 episode)
Michael Papajohnas Sanitation Man (1 episode)#30Most popular actor on Your Honor171 Wikipedia views yesterday
Brian Matneyas Father Patrick (2 episodes)
Victor Eli Hugoas Man #1 (1 episode)
Melanie Nicholls-Kingas Female Jones (3 episodes)#29Most popular actor on Your Honor213 Wikipedia views yesterday
Cullen Mossas Rudy Cunningham (8 episodes)#26Most popular actor on Your Honor257 Wikipedia views yesterday
John Pirruccelloas Sheriff Ray Royce (2 episodes)
Andrew Dolanas Lewis Marchand (1 episode)
Matt McCoyas Principal Armfield (1 episode)
Trenise Grayas Technician (1 episode)
Ashlea Kellyas Secretary (1 episode)
Jibrail Nantambuas Goodluck Jones (3 episodes)
Linda Greenas Chef Linda Green the Ya-Ka-Mein Lady (1 episode)
John Bishopas Leland Monroe (2 episodes)#20Most popular actor on Your Honor589 Wikipedia views yesterday
Fabian C. Morenoas Steve Morris (1 episode)
Jaren Mitchellas Danny Gold (2 episodes)
Keedar Whittleas Garrett James (1 episode)
Krystal Tomlinas Melissa James (1 episode)
Becki Davisas Amy (2 episodes)
Julia Lashaeas Vet (1 episode)#47Most popular actor on Your Honor2 Wikipedia views yesterday
Kristina Kingstonas Nurse (1 episode)
Darrius Phillip Thomasas Caleb (1 episode)
Isaiah Samas Ethan (1 episode)
Michael Hornas Banker (1 episode)
Tatom Penderas Carmel (1 episode)
Jack Knightas Edouard Lincoln (1 episode)
Anna-Louise Plowmanas Louise Brennan (2 episodes)#22Most popular actor on Your Honor452 Wikipedia views yesterday
Demise Harpas Brandon Roberts (1 episode)
Martin Bats Bradfordas Danavian Lewis (1 episode)
Charlie Talbertas Male Nurse (1 episode)
David A. Coleas Male Fare (1 episode)
Hayden Guthrieas Female Fare (1 episode)
Christopher Berryas Trevor (4 episodes)#34Most popular actor on Your Honor98 Wikipedia views yesterday
Christopher B. Duncanas Sgt. Joe Corrigan (2 episodes)#27Most popular actor on Your Honor230 Wikipedia views yesterday
Peter MacKenzieas Calvin Bloom (1 episode)
Jared Bankensas Roberto (1 episode)
William Bellas Boat Owner (1 episode)
Kevin Pozzoas SWAT Officer (1 episode)
Lorraine Toussaintas Judge Sarah LeBlanc (3 episodes)#15Most popular actor on Your Honor1,167 Wikipedia views yesterday
Rickey Brownas Justin James (1 episode)#42Most popular actor on Your Honor11 Wikipedia views yesterday
Deneen Tyleras Janice Long (1 episode)
Sampley Barinagaas Wesley (3 episodes)
Garrett Kruithofas Maxwell (3 episodes)
Brandon Stacyas Nash (3 episodes)
Rachel Whitman Grovesas Hostess (1 episode)
David Maldonadoas Lt. Brendan Cusack (8 episodes)
Chet Hanksas Joey Maldini (7 episodes)#4Most popular actor on Your Honor4,219 Wikipedia views yesterday
Lee Osorioas Edward Grether (3 episodes)
Caroline Coleas Freya (1 episode)
Geraldine Hughesas Betty (5 episodes)#32Most popular actor on Your Honor141 Wikipedia views yesterday
Wayne Péreas Johnny Zander (6 episodes)
Margo Martindaleas Elizabeth Guthrie (9 episodes)#11Most popular actor on Your Honor2,252 Wikipedia views yesterday
Maura Tierneyas Fiona McKee (4 episodes)#3Most popular actor on Your Honor4,571 Wikipedia views yesterday
John Beasleyas Elijah Davies (1 episode)
Jock McKissicas Alan Underwood (8 episodes)

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Your Honor (TV) Cast - All Actors and Actresses (2024)


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