Your Honor Season 2 Finale Recap: Why Does Michael Desiato go to Prison? (2024)

Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ concludes its second season by bringing the story of Michael Desiato to a fitting end. With so much going on in the story, there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up. However, despite so many characters in the show, the story is ultimately about Michael and the unraveling of his life that is destroyed by the series of lies and crimes he becomes a part of. The show leaves some characters with an uncertain future, but it gives enough to the audience to imagine where they could go after the finale’s events. Here’s a look at everything that happens in the episode and what it means for every character in ‘Your Honor.’ SPOILERS AHEAD

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Your Honor Season 2 Finale Recap: Why Does Michael Desiato go to Prison? (1)

Michael didn’t want to take the stand at Eugene Jones’ trial, but when the subpoena arrives, he has no option but to go up there and tell the truth. And that is precisely what he does. When he confesses that he saw Eugene shooting Adam, he pushes Lee to take a different approach to save Eugene. Knowing that Michael is vulnerable and values truth, Lee prods him to tell the truth about everything. Michael gives in and confesses to hiding his son’s crime of killing Rocco Baxter.

Eugene decides to take the stand and tell his side of the story. He talks about his brother, Kofi, and his family, who were supposedly killed in a gas leak. The mention of the leak triggers a memory for Michael and tells Lee how she can use it to turn the tide in her favor. Eugene says that he had been out getting food for his family because they didn’t cook because they hadn’t paid the gas bill for months, so there couldn’t have been a leak.

Your Honor Finale Ending: Why Does Michael Desiato go to Prison?

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Michael Desiato’s life started to unravel after he advised his son to lie about the hit-and-run he was guilty of. It ended with his son’s death, which proved to Michael that lies cause more harm than good and truth has a way of coming out. This is why he doesn’t lie about not seeing Eugene Jones when he is on the witness stand. He could’ve done it, considering that he was indirectly responsible for the death of every member of Eugene’s family. He could’ve put things right, and Eugene could have walked free.

Instead, Michael decided to tell the entire truth. He wouldn’t have done it if Lee didn’t prod him about it, but he gave her the opportunity to start digging into the details when he mentioned meeting Eugene before Adam’s death. In the end, we find him walking into a prison facility. Following his testimony, an investigation was launched into the case, where Michael came clean about everything.

Because Charlie is still the mayor, it looks like Michael kept the detail where Charlie had helped him dispose of the car with which Adam had hit Rocco. It is unclear what else he kept from the cops, whom he tried to protect, but it’s evident that Michael listed down all of his crimes. It is unclear whether he’ll be in prison for the rest of his life, though it’s clear that Michael has accepted whatever sentence he received.

What Happens to Eugene Jones?

Your Honor Season 2 Finale Recap: Why Does Michael Desiato go to Prison? (3)

When Eugene reveals that the explosion in which his family died couldn’t have been due to a gas leak, he opens the door to implicating the Baxters. He openly blames them for the death of his family. Though it remains to be proved in the court of law, it gives Olivia Delmont another opportunity to go after the Baxters. This is her hook from which she can create a case against them.

Olivia also wants to help Eugene, and she knows that even if he is declared not guilty by the jury, he will never really be safe. With him out on the streets, unprotected, the Baxters will try to kill him, especially after he put a target on their back. She offers Lee to get Eugene into federal protective custody as a witness against the Baxters. Even though Olivia knows that Eugene knows nothing about the Baxters’ operation, she just wants to help him escape New Orleans and start a new life with a new name somewhere else where he is safe.

With no better option in sight, Eugene agrees to the deal. His case is taken over by the feds, which means there is no point in continuing the trial. They don’t need to wait for the verdict. Lee forwards this news to the judge and prosecution. Later, we watch Eugene bidding goodbye to Lee and leaving the city behind to live a life without fear.

Does Jimmy Baxter Die? Why Does Gina Baxter Make a Deal With Big Mo?

Following the death of their son, Jimmy and Gina Baxter’s marriage started to deteriorate. In anger, an impulsive Gina ordered the murder of the Jones family, even though Jimmy was strictly against it. Now that the truth about the explosion has come out, Jimmy reminds Gina that it was she who came up with the idea, and it has now landed the family in trouble. This infuriates Gina, who is already frustrated with Jimmy’s restraint in dealing with the elements that she thought threatened their family.

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Gina made it clear to Jimmy that there was nothing left between them. However, she couldn’t divorce him. When her father, Carmine Conti, came to New Orleans, she thought she’d have some backing. She thought Carmine would put Jimmy on the right path or eliminate him, giving Gina free rein over the Baxter operation. While Carmine agrees about removing Jimmy from the equation, he tells Gina that he will never let her take command of their family.

One of the reasons Gina was angry with Jimmy was that he didn’t take Big Mo setting up a place across the street seriously. So, when she discovers that Big Mo offered him the club in exchange for getting the whole French Quarter to herself for selling drugs, Gina decides that she’d had enough. She needed to get rid of Jimmy, but she couldn’t get her hands dirty. She also knew that her father would take over in Jimmy’s absence, so she devised a plan to get rid of them both.

Gina told Carmine that Jimmy wanted to set her up for the death of the Jones family. An angry Carmine shoots Jimmy in the hallway, caught on CCTV. Gina calls the cops, and with irrefutable evidence against him, Carmine Conti is arrested and sent to prison, putting a huge smile on Olivia Delmont’s face. With Jimmy and Carmine gone, Gina takes over the business, and the first thing she does is make a deal with Big Mo. She agrees to let her deal drugs in the French Quarter and gets the keys to her club.

However, that’s not the end of the story because it turns out that Jimmy didn’t die. He survived and is in a hospital, recovering from his wounds. He will eventually return, but it remains uncertain how much power he will have. Being in the hospital, he is not exactly in a position to fight back. This makes it easy for Gina to dispose of him altogether and finish what Carmine started. So, even if Jimmy is alive, the road ahead doesn’t look so good for him.

Why Does Fia Give up Baby Rocco?

The only person who didn’t commit a single crime and had her whole life torn apart in ‘Your Honor’ is Fia Baxter. While crime was the Baxter family business, they kept Fia out of it. She had heard rumors about her family over the years but sincerely believed they were not a crime family. Even though Carlo was in prison, the family stuck to the narrative that he had been set up.

Your Honor Season 2 Finale Recap: Why Does Michael Desiato go to Prison? (5)

Fia’s streak of tragedy begins with Rocco’s death. When she comes to terms with her grief, her boyfriend is shot dead in front of her. Later, she finds out she is pregnant, and she tries to connect with Michael, believing that he is family and deserves to be in touch with his grandson. Meanwhile, she gets increasingly frustrated with her family, especially regarding how much they want to control her and Baby Rocco’s life. Fia believes that Michael is the only person she can trust, so when she leaves her family, she starts living with him and Elizabeth.

In the final episode, when Michael testifies in court, he reveals that Adam killed Rocco. This shocks Fia, who realizes that Micahel has been lying to her this whole time. This also taints her memories of Adam, who killed her brother and then lied to her about it while they were dating. She goes back to her family, but that, too, is taken away from her when the next day, Eugene Jones reveals the detail about the gas leak.

Previously, Fia had asked her father if they killed the Jones family, but he lied and assured her it was a gas leak. When the truth comes out, Fia is disgusted by her family, who were responsible for the death of innocent people, which includes children. The fact that they knew about Adam’s role in Rocco’s death all this while makes her realize that everyone around her has been lying to her this whole time. She doesn’t know where to go anymore, especially with her son.

Fia knows that she will have to leave New Orleans if she wants to start fresh. But she is barely out of her teens and has nothing outside her family. It’s a long and challenging road ahead of her that she can’t take Baby Rocco on. So, she finds it best to give him up for adoption. This way, he can grow up with a loving family, out of the shadow of the Baxter family and their crimes.

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Your Honor Season 2 Finale Recap: Why Does Michael Desiato go to Prison? (2024)


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