The Pulse: An all-time missed opportunity (2024)

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Collapses: Oh no, Pacers

The questions were starting again.

Boston is really whiffing again, huh? Unbelievable. The Indiana Pacers were up by three with eight seconds left, ball in hand. All they had to do was inbound it, hit a free throw and escape with a shocking Game 1 win on the road.

Then Jaylen Brown happened:

  • He disrupted that inbounds pass, forcing the ball out of bounds off Pascal Siakam. Then, improbably, he did this:




— The Athletic (@TheAthletic) May 22, 2024

  • That was well worth the double-bang from ESPN play-by-play man Mike Breen, and it sent the game to overtime, where the Pacers frankly had no chance. In the extra period, Jayson Tatum nearly outscored the entire Pacers team (11-10).

So, as we all expected, Boston is up 1-0 after Game 1 … except maybe they shouldn’t be. The Pacers proved themselves extremely worthy of their place in these conference finals, and Tyrese Haliburton’s six 3-pointers got overshadowed by some mind-numbing late turnovers. Pacers coach Rick Carlisle also blamed himself for not advancing the ball on that possible final possession.


Can they clean that up? Or will Boston cruise from here? Game 2 is Thursday. The Athletic NBA Show broke everything down after the final whistle here.

P.S. I couldn’t stop thinking about Andrew Marchand’s column from yesterday as I listened to Breen, JJ Redick and Doris Burke call last night’s game. It’s not that this crew is bad — far from it. They just aren’t as cohesive as the Breen-Jeff Van Gundy-Mark Jackson trio. I miss them.

News to Know

Jets rave about Rodgers’ return
Yesterday, Aaron Rodgers was back under center at Jets’ OTAs, which is frankly a refreshing storyline after an offseason filled with his extremely not-football stories. The QB said he feels like he “can do anything” on the field, a remarkable sentiment for someone who tore his Achilles tendon last season. Zack Rosenblatt watched the 40-year-old go through drills and indeed look like his old self. Other QB news I found interesting yesterday: Justin Fields telling Pittsburgh media he doesn’t have the mindset of “sitting all year” behind Russell Wilson. 👀

Big 12, ACC leaders approve House settlement
The Big 12 and ACC became the first major conferences to approve settlement proposals in House vs. NCAA, which we wrote about yesterday. The settlement is expected to include at least $2.7 billion in back-pay damages to former Division I athletes, plus potential revenue-sharing with future athletes. Expect more conferences to join soon.

More news

  • Victor Wembanyama is the first rookie in NBA history to make the All-Defensive First Team.
  • Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese is the newest owner of DC Power Football Club, a Washington, D.C. women’s soccer team debuting this year.
  • A Charlotte woman is suing the Hornets and star guard LaMelo Ball after Ball allegedly ran over her son’s foot with his car while exiting a fan event.
  • A man accusing Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice of assault is declining to pursue charges. Rice still faces other potential charges after multiple incidents this offseason.
  • Mauricio Pochettino is leaving Chelsea, which undermines the club’s entire plan.
  • The NFL is further signaling intent to invest in flag football, hiring Stephanie Kwok as its flag football VP.

Explainers: The first big NIL lawsuit is here

Jaden Rashada is a precedent. In many ways, his messy recruitment was the first of its kind. And, not by fault of his own, he’s the poster child of the early NIL era, for better or worse.

Why? Rashada filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against Florida coach Billy Napier, plus a former Gators staffer and a program booster for damages of more than $10 million, alleging all three made false promises during that recruitment.

A few layers here:

  • Rashada famously agreed to a four-year, $13.85 million contract with the Gator Collective, Florida’s NIL organization that no longer exists. He chose that over a reported deal with Miami boosters for $9.5 million. Rashada never made it to Gainesville — the collective terminated his deal a week before he was set to receive a $500,000 signing bonus.
  • He ended up at Arizona State, where he started the season opener before missing most of the season with an injury. He’s now at Florida’s archrival, Georgia.
  • By all accounts, there isn’t much personal ill will between these parties. This is about business — and that precedent. Rashada’s lawyer, famous sports attorney Rusty Hardin, said the QB was reluctant to move forward with the suit, but decided to pursue it because “more and more players … were having the same experience.”

This all comes at a time when the entire financial model of college sports is changing. But it’s fascinating nonetheless, because of what precedent this sets for other similar incidents in the Wild West Era of NIL — for both players and schools. Final thought:

  • Imagine if Rashada wins that $10 million from a coach already on thin ice (with a buyout of $25 million). Does that affect how NIL collectives operate moving forward? Is anyone more reluctant to enter a bidding war?

Stay tuned, and read our full story on the suit here. Florida-Georgia (Nov. 2) should be even more fun this year.

Watch This Game

NHL: Panthers at Rangers
8 p.m. ET on ESPN
You think there’s big interest in this one? According to our StubHub info, remaining tickets for this game are starting at $392 a pop. These were the two best teams in the Eastern Conference this year, and now they meet for a berth in the Stanley Cup finals. This is why we watch sports.


NBA: Mavericks at Timberwolves
8:30 p.m. ET on TNT
Pumped for this. We get Super Luka against maybe the best-constructed roster outside of Boston. It feels like both of these teams were made for this, and it’s nice to see Dončić get here outside of the 2020 COVID-19 bubble. Game on.

Get tickets to games like these here.

Pulse Picks

I loved this story on Tory Dandy, a new-ish NFL superagent who’s one of the more powerful people you’ve never heard of.

Carve out some time to read this wonderful feature on Phillies infielder Edmundo Sosa, a.k.a. “Mundito,” and his journey of “love and loss” en route to becoming a star for baseball’s best team. Try not to well up.

England manager Gareth Southgate finally shirked his extreme loyalty by leaving Jordan Henderson off the Euros roster. Jack Pitt-Brooke has an instructive column on Southgate’s “ruthless” day — Marcus Rashford is off the roster, too.

Sergei Bobrovsky and Artemi Panarin are a long way from their time as Columbus teammates. Now, the close friends face off as opponents with a Stanley Cup on the line. Fun story from Michael Russo.

Most-clicked in the newsletter yesterday: Our report on Auburn running back Brian Battie, recently a victim of a shooting. We’ll have more updates as they come in.

Most-read on the website yesterday: Jared Weiss’ great story on how Jrue Holiday found his voice as a leader thanks to his soccer-star wife.

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Chris Branch is a staff writer for The Athletic's daily newsletter. Before joining The Athletic, he covered the Phillies for The News-Journal and worked as a content strategist for various industries. He graduated from LSU, where he worked for The Daily Reveille. Follow Chris on Twitter @cbranch89

The Pulse: An all-time missed opportunity (2024)


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