Hardeman County Correctional Facility News 2022 (2024)

1. Hardeman County Correctional Facility - CoreCivic

  • Hardeman County Correctional Facility ... PREA Audit Date: October 4-6, 2022. PREA Audit ... For media inquiries, please contact the Public Affairs team at ...

  • Jerry Wardlow was named warden at the Hardeman County Correctional Facility in February 2023. He previously served as warden at West Tennessee Detention Facility. Wardlow joined CoreCivic in 1997 as a correctional officer at formerly CoreCivic-managed Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility, where he held multiple roles of increasing responsibility, including assistant shift supervisor, shift supervisor, chief of security and chief of unit management, before his promotion to assistant warden at Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in 2010. Prior to becoming warden, Wardlow has served as assistant warden at Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility, West Tennessee Detention Facility, Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility, and Trousdale Turner Correctional Center. Wardlow holds a bachelor's degree in health education from Middle Tennessee State University. He served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years.

2. Contraband Arrests - TN.gov

  • November 26, 2022 - Hardeman County Correctional Facility visitor Kristina Mosby was arrested by the Whiteville Police Department for introduction of contraband ...

  • December 31, 2022 - Morgan County Correctional Complex visitor Dana Shirley by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office after a vehicle search for possession of schedule 4 narcotics.

3. After eight months, investigation finds Hardeman County inmate was ...

4. Details surface of inmate fight at Hardeman County Correctional ...

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  • A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station -

5. Details surface of inmate fight at Hardeman County Correctional ...

6. Private prison contractor CoreCivic hit with two new lawsuits over inmate ...

  • 21 sep 2022 · Coleman, 34, was fatally stabbed inside a pod at the Hardeman County Correctional Facility in Whiteville, Tenn., on Sept. 7, 2021. Records ...

  • The parents of three inmates who died behind bars accuse private prison operator CoreCivic of Tennessee of ailing to police its own guards.

7. Hardeman County Correctional Facility - TN.gov

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  • Warden  Robert Adams Jr. 2520 Union Springs Road P.O. Box 549 Whiteville, Tennessee 38075 Hardeman County) (731) 254-6000

8. Cause of Prisoner's Death in Tennessee CoreCivic Jail Finally ...

  • 29 jun 2022 · Laeddie Coleman was the second prisoner brutally stabbed at Tennessee's Hardeman County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on September 7, 2021.

  • Loaded on June 29, 2022 by Jo Ellen Nott

9. 29 student inmates graduate in Hardeman County - WBBJ TV

  • 22 jun 2022 · On Thursday, June 2, a ceremony was held at CoreCivic's Hardeman County Correctional Facility, celebrating the graduation of 29 student inmates ...

  • On Thursday, June 2, a ceremony was held at CoreCivic's Hardeman County Correctional Facility, celebrating the graduation of 29 student inmates.

Hardeman County Correctional Facility News 2022 (2024)


What is the biggest problem in corrections today? ›

Poll call: What COs said were the biggest challenges for corrections in 2022
  • CO retention (52%)
  • CO recruitment (28%)
  • CO mental health (8%)
  • Physical safety on the job (8%)
  • Lack of public support (5%)
Dec 20, 2022

Who owns the Hardeman County Correctional Facility? ›

Hardeman County Correctional Facility is owned by the Hardeman County Correctional Facilities Corporation, which contracts with CoreCivic for management of the prison.

What happened at Whiteville Correctional Facility? ›

In September 2022, Gordon and three other incarcerated men were involved in an attack in Whiteville Correctional Facility in which two other men were stabbed, according to the lawsuit brought by his widow.

How many people are in Hardeman County Correctional Facility? ›

Tennessee correctional populations of Census 2020 vintage
Facility Name Prisoners Type 
Hardeman Co. Jail97Local
Hardeman County Correctional Center-CCA1,994Private
Hawkins Co. Jail238Local
Haywood County Jail122Local
86 more rows

What are 3 problems facing jails? ›

Overcrowding, violence and abuse proliferate at jails across the country, as staffing problems make long-simmering problems worse. In California, lawyers accused staff at the Los Angeles County jail of chaining mentally ill detainees to chairs for days at a time.

Why are some correctional officers corrupt? ›

Corruption in prison usually occurs because of three factors: coercion, recruitment, or emotional blackmail. Sometimes an inmate will use coercion and threaten a prison official or their family if he or she does not comply and smuggle contraband into the prison.

Who is Hardeman County TN named after? ›

Hardeman County was created by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1823 from parts of Hardin County and "Indian lands." It is named for Thomas J. Hardeman (1788-1854), a veteran of the Creek War and the War of 1812 and a prominent figure in the fight for Texas independence.

What prisons are for profit in Tennessee? ›

Trousdale and South Central are two of the four Tennessee prisons operated by private contractor CoreCivic. Because the state is only allowed to have one privately operated prison at a time, South Central is the only state-owned facility that contracts with CoreCivic directly.

How do inmates end up at Supermax prisons? ›

For example, several states now house or intend to house members of special populations, such as inmates who are HIV-positive, mentally ill, or on death row, in supermax facilities. Inmate gang members, regardless of whether they have been disruptive, are also being placed in supermax prisons.

Who was the inmate killed at Blackwater Correctional Facility? ›

An FDLE case report states the murder happened on July 27, 2022, inside Blackwater River Correctional Facility in Milton. The victim was 35-year-old Andrew Thompson, according to the report.

How does CoreCivic make money? ›

In 2020, CoreCivic reported $1.9 billion in revenue, 82.2% of that coming from its private prison operations. Only 3.4% of CoreCivic's revenue was generated through “Community” contracts, such as the one it holds with CDCR. The majority of CoreCivic and GEO Group's revenues come from their private prison business.

Which state has the most overcrowded prisons? ›

An analysis of data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics by The Appeal revealed that Alabama's prisons are the most crowded in the country.

Which state has the highest inmate population? ›

Texas has the highest prison population with 133,772 individuals, followed by California with 101,441 individuals. On the other hand, the states with the lowest prison populations are Vermont with 1,287 individuals and Maine with 1,577 prisoners.

How big is Hardeman County? ›

Hardeman County, Tennessee has 667.8 square miles of land area and is the 5th largest county in Tennessee by total area.

What is the biggest problem in prisons? ›

Overcrowding, as well as related problems such as lack of privacy, can also cause or exacerbate mental health problems, and increase rates of violence, self-harm and suicide.

What is the biggest problem facing the criminal justice system today? ›

Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice

In the United States, one of the most significant practical and ethical issues in criminal justice has long been racial disparity. As tensions in this area continue to mount, public scrutiny of racial equity within the criminal justice system will only intensify.

What is one of the biggest problems facing inmate incarceration today? ›

Incarcerated People Living with Mental Health Conditions

Recent research by the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that more than half of all people in prison have mental health issues. In fact, around 1.25 million inmates live with mental health conditions. This is over four times the number in 1998.

What are the top five challenges facing the corrections industry? ›

Issues Facing Corrections Officers in 2022
  • Retention. Retaining current staffers is a perennial top priority throughout law enforcement. ...
  • Recruitment. ...
  • Burnout & Officer Wellness. ...
  • Overcrowded Facilities. ...
  • COVID-19. ...
  • Research-Driven Solutions.
Jan 24, 2022


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