17 SteamUnlocked Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2024)

#1 Kinguin



Kinguin is a modern online platform that comes with a variety of best video games with different categories like shooting, racing, survival, anime, 3D, puzzles, etc. It offers the most desirable price rates of the games for users’ facilitation. Users can get games for multiple setups, including the PC, Android, iOS, XBOX, PlayStation, and many more. Moreover, it offers great relief on games with numerous discounts, coupons, and gift cards. This platform supports multiple countries’ currencies with the most secure online payment method through numerous payment apps.

Kinguin allows users to pre-order games or add games into the cart for an easy approach. It specifically shows games that are less than twenty or ten euros. As it supports multiple languages, users can search any game according to their native language and desire through the provided search bar. For any problem, users can easily contact the professional support teams. This platform recommends different trending games and offers users to claim NINJA KROWNS.

Kinguin Alternatives ↬


#2 GamesPlanet



GamesPlanet is an online platform that provides you a dynamic range of video games with easy accessibility. It offers various game categories that include Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, MMO, Sport, 18+ games, Giants, Simulation, and many more. You can buy all the games securely and legally without any problem. It provides you the safest and secure connection, and everything is fully encrypted. This beneficial platform gives games for Mac OS, Linux, Windows PC, and Android.

GamesPlanet offers the safest online payments through multiple online payment apps, including the VISA, Master Card, Pay, PayPal, Skrill, American Express, and so forth. It exclusively allows you to be a part of the community and show all your valuable content. You can also enjoy the best discounts, offers, and multiple deals on games for in-depth facilitation. Moreover, you can search any game on the search bar, and in case of any problem, you can directly contact the support teams.

GamesPlanet Alternatives ↬

#3 Green Man Gaming


Green Man Gaming is an online gaming platform based in the United Kingdom. It has a catalog of over 5,200 games from more than 450 world’s best publishers such as Square Enix, Capcom, and Ubisoft, etc., and selling games in up to 185 countries. The platform is integrated with the Prefire, a video game tracking social network platform, allows users to automatically track their gameplay and in-game achievements from Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation.

Green Man Gaming is known as the heart of the video game industry and has its community and e-commerce store that offers millions of popular games a single destination for all things gaming. The platform works with independent studios globally to market their games and increase the visibility of games in the challenging marketplace. It is one of the best alternatives to Steam and offers a lot of similar services with some new features that make it better than others.

Green Man Gaming Alternatives ↬


#4 CDKeys


CDKeys is an online platform that provides you a dynamic range of video games at the cheapest rates. It provides games for multiple setups that include PC, PSN, XBOX, and many more advanced ones. It offers numerous remarkable discounts, gifts, and coupons for your facilitation and also shows the upcoming featured games. This platform accepts many countries’ currencies and offers secure online payment methods through various online payment apps, including PayPal, VISA, Master card, giro pay, Skrill, NETELLER, Maestro, and so forth.

CDKeys allows you to create a wish list of your desired games for an easy approach. It provides the quickest digital downloading of games securely without any problem. The advanced built-in setup specifically shows games of your region but also offers access to all games. You can easily add multiple entertaining games into your cart, and in case of any problem, you can directly contact the support teams. Apart from all the above, this platform offers the most accurate product price without any hidden charges or payment fees.

CDKeys Alternatives ↬

#5 Gamivo


Gamivo is a known online marketplace that offers a vast range of video games at the most affordable rates. It gives multiple offers, special discounts, and daily deals for your exclusive engagement and facilitation. You can enjoy the easiest way to order and pre-order any game. It offers special protection for all your purchases and also dedicated live chat with skilled support teams for any problem or query.

Gamivo offers you to sell your own product here with the lowest provisions and more profits. The advanced affiliate program gives the highest commission and eight percent of every purchase made through your link. You can easily withdraw the Gamivo balance that is earned through the affiliate program. Moreover, it provides the safest way for online earning through various online payment apps like PayPal, Master Card, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Paysafecard, and many more.

Gamivo Alternatives ↬

#6 HRKgame


HRKgame is an online platform that offers the most trending video games with the best prices as compared to the market. It provides games for multiple setups, including the PC, XBOX, Android, Nintendo PlayStation, and many more. You can enjoy the most secure and authentic payments through various online payment apps like PayPal, Bitcoin, VISA, Master Card, PAYTM, JCB, and so forth. It exclusively offers a bonus in which purchase of one game you get a free random game. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages that enable you to search for any title in your native language.

HRKgame categorized games in various catalogs that include top sellers, future games, new releases, recently added cards, PS, and under-five & two euros. For your in-depth facilitation and engagement, it supports multiple countries’ currencies. It also provides various software like Microsoft Office and Windows 10 at affordable and legitimate prices. This platform also offers professional support teams, giveaways, newsrooms, recommendations, and the fastest downloading without any hidden charges.

HRKgame Alternatives ↬

#7 GamesDeal


GamesDeal is an online platform that comes with the exclusive, affordable rates of hundreds of video games. It offers different categories of games like Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, MMO, Survival, and Anime. You can easily download all the games through the most secure and safe path and without any hidden charges. It provides games for multiple setups that include PC, Mac, Play Station, XBOX, Android, etc. This platform claims a hundred percent refund guarantee on every product purchase.

GamesDeal supports the safest payment system in different countries’ currencies with multiple payment methods. It also provides guaranteed service by which you can directly contact support teams for any problem. You can get unlimited discounts and deals on numerous games for more facilitation. Moreover, you are also enabled to search any product or license in the search bar. This platform offers an affiliate program by which you can earn eight to twenty percent commission, a hundred dollar cash on welfare day, and award up to five hundred dollar cash bonus.

GamesDeal Alternatives ↬

#8 SCDKey


SCDKey is an online video game store that provides all the games at an affordable and minimum price. It offers an accurate and authentic payment system known as a one-click payment policy. You can stay updated by getting all the news related to the trending and random games. It provides exclusive discounts and coupons for your more relief and engagement. This platform offers games for multiple setups and gaming platforms that include PC, Play Station, Origin, Steam, UPLAY, and many more.

SCDKey supports multiple languages that help you to search any games or key in your native language. It offers an affiliate program by which you can earn an exclusive commission of about eight to twenty percent, a hundred dollar cash on welfare day, awards up to five hundred dollars, and many more. Furthermore, you can directly contact the always active help center in case of any problem or query.

SCDKey Alternatives ↬

#9 GamersGate


GamersGate is a Sweden-based online video game digital distribution that offers electronic strategy guides and games for Windows, Linux, and OS X via direct download. It is one of the best competitors to online video game services, including Steam, GOG, and Driect2Drive, etc. Just like other platforms, it also has a massive collection of videos game to sell and share.

The platform sells video games to over 250 publishers and developers, including Atari, Electronic Arts, 2K Games, and Sega, etc. As the digital distribution platform, it offers DRM-free games and a Downloadable Content Pack for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc. GamersGate is an entirely client-free service that not require users to log in to play and share games.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this platform is that it offers hundreds of new tools that increase your gaming experience. Like Steam and another similar platform, it also has a community with a Tutor program system where users can ask questions to other users regarding challenging levels or other game-related problems.

GamersGate Alternatives ↬

#10 Instant Gaming


Instant Gaming is a platform that allows users to buy and play games. The platform enables users to stream games and browses the web for their favorite games. Users can view all the platforms on which different games can be played, such as Xbox, Playstation, Mac, or Linux. Moreover, users can search for games with different genres, such as action, adventure, coaching, FPS, fighting, etc.

Instant Gaming allows users to buy games from it directly and comes in different languages such as English, Chinese, etc. It accepts payments from HiPay, Paypal, Skrill, etc. It is an official platform that allows users to validate their official CD key on Steam, Uplay, etc. Every game contains its release date, the system requirements with complete details, and offers a discount to users who have an account. Lastly, users get a gift card to get points that they can use to buy the games.

Instant Gaming Alternatives ↬

#11 G2A



G2A is a shopping app through which you can buy gaming stuff and gift cards. The interface contains a search bar to search for the desired product and shows recommended products. The interface includes a home button at the bottom, a wishlist option to add products to it to buy later, a cart that shows your shopping, and a button to access your profile.

You first need to sign up and then shop around to use the app. It enables you to redeem gift cards of G2A, and you can change the currency to the desired one. It provides you with notifications about weekly sales, epic sales, hot premiers of products, and exclusive offers.

You can also turn off notifications, and the app notifies you about discounts on items on the wishlist. You can search for products based on items such as games, gift cards, subscriptions, etc. The app contains categories of products such as merchandise, software, and electronics.

G2A – Games, Gift Cards & More supports more than 200 methods of payment and 80 different currencies. The app lets you pre-order games and tracks the best-selling games on different consoles. It also shows the best selling, most popular, new games, etc.

G2A Alternatives ↬




MMOGA is an advanced online platform that provides a variety of video games at the best prices. It offers numerous video game categories that include puzzle, shooting, survival, racing, 3D, zombie killer, and many more. You can pre-order or add any game to the wish list with full access. It also offers multiple discounts and deals on various games for your facilitation. This platform offers the most secure and safest payments through different online payment apps like Skrill, VISA, Paysafecard, Sofort Banking, PayPal, and Master Card.

MMOGA provides fast downloading and free steam random key in each order without any hidden charges. It offers video games for different setups like PC, Android, Play Station, XBOX, and more used ones. You can get exclusive help through support centers for any problem or issue and earn or sell unlimited FIFA coins. Furthermore, it also allows you to sell your product here with more profit and lower provisions. More services or features are multiple countries’ currencies support, multi-lingual support, reliable suggestions, and online game playing.

MMOGA Alternatives ↬

#13 Game Flip



Game Flip is an all-in-one solution trusted by +4 million users who can use it to enhance their gaming skills and shop while chilling. It is known as a gaming hub and marketplace that allows you to buy and sell games, in-game items, skins, gift cards, and other things.

Compared to Bitskins, it is powerful and offers dozens of new services and features that make it better than others. With the help of its Game Hub feature, you can improve your game skills by watching high-quality tutorials, learning new tricks and tips, etc. There is also a community of gamers where an expert shares their experience to teach beginners.

Through this, you can also receive updates on listings, communicate with buyers and sellers directly, get new game items daily, save up to 25% and shop safely. Like other similar marketplaces, it also offers support for multiple currencies and provides various payment options such as AirPlay, MasterCard, VISA, etc.

Game Flip Alternatives ↬

#14 Clutch



Clutch is an app by Utility Team through which you can share your Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile, etc. gameplay recordings. It enables you to synchronize your Gamertag of Xbox so it the app that automatically import clips of gameplay. You can also connect accounts of Facebook and PS4 to share gameplay clips.

You can also upload gameplay clips directly from mobile or PC and also use trim features to get favorite parts of videos. The app provides a function to add captions to videos, and you can also tag friends. You can share videos on many social media platforms or can directly share them with your phone’s contacts.

Clutch – Share Xbox/PS4/Mobile/PC DVR is an app with a straight forward interface that contains an option to share videos. The interface also includes a profile button through which you can access your profile.

Clutch: Share Game Clips allows you to edit videos by speeding up or slowing down to make the slo-mo or fast motion. You can also add audio or video commentary to your gameplay videos for better viewership.

Clutch Alternatives ↬

#15 Moonlight Game Streaming



Moonlight Game Streaming is an app through which users can easily live stream gameplay on any network using NVIDIA experience. The input of the mouse, controller, and keyboard right from the phone to the PC. It streams gameplay in up to 4K resolution in 120 frames per second with surround sound.

The app supports PS3, PS4, and android gamepads, etc. and provides feedback of force. The app can co-op with 4 different game controllers and you can control mouse through gamepad by long-pressing start.

To use the app, you need to open GeForce software on PC and turn on the game stream in the setting. Then you need to tap PC in the app, type pin on PC, and start streaming. You can also add a PC manually if the app doesn’t detect the PC.

You can also add more games to the app for streaming and it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases or ads. The interface contains a settings menu through which you can change resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and other aspects of streaming.

Moonlight Game Streaming Alternatives ↬

#16 Guilded



Guilded enables you to join community discussion boards through which you can recruit new players to your teams. It features chat and also includes special events scheduler and you can easily share docs through it. The discussion board contains many editing and media features to make discussions more useful.

You can make docs for the management of strategies, gaming guides, and DKP sheets, etc. You can also create a customized recruitment form according to needs and manage apps through the app. You can also use features to manage members of the team, such as the creation and assigning of roles according to needs.

The app also contains threads feature through which you can easily chat with other players during a discussion. You can also create custom polls and vote for other’s polls as well. It contains hashtags of many games, which makes searching for the desired discussion easy.

Guilded – Team Scrims and LFG app brings a calendar feature through which you can set different reminders. You can also add media and notes to reminders. The interface contains a team home tab that includes a button to access apps, a menu to find players, and option to access gaming news, etc.

Guilded Alternatives ↬

#17 My Hero Academia Amino



My Hero Academia Amino is an app by Amino that enables you to join the community to share your anime experience with others. You can use a chat feature to connect with others and also make new friends. You can also share your creations and art through the app.

The app allows you to discover new art and trivia and also get updates and news about all upcoming episodes, chapters, and series of anime. The profile tab contains reputation, following, the number of followers, and options to customize profile.

The profile also contains a list of favorite characters and anime, as well as all posts. The chat feature includes an option to add your desired ones as friends. The interface also brings a home button and a button to access the profile.

Amino for: My Hero Academia app’s interface also provides you with features to access the feed, the front page of the app, and chats easily. You can like and comment on posts. My Hero Academia Amino is a free-to-use app that doesn’t show any ads.

My Hero Academia Amino Alternatives ↬

17 SteamUnlocked Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2024)


Is there a better alternative to steamunlocked? ›

The closest competitor to steamunlocked.net are 4shared.com and steamunlocked.pro. To understand more about steamunlocked.net and its competitors, sign up for a free account to explore Semrush's Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer tools.

What is the official site of Steamunlocked? ›

Steam Unlocked is a gaming platform that lets you download thousands of pre-installed PC games for free. Games are continuously added as more requests line up on their game requests section. The only legitimate web address for Steam Unlocked is steamunlocked.net. They are not using any mirror sites.

Is Steamunlocked free games? ›

SteamUnlocked is an illegal* (legal in some places) website to download PC games for free without paying for them.

Is gog unlocked legal? ›

It's a pirated games site. Most likely hosted in a country that doesn't follow or enforce international IP laws, or at least IP laws outside of their country.

Is Gaming Beast legit? ›

It looks like a legit blog that's monetized with Amazon Associates. There are many game related blogs with the intention of making money by linking to products they review and write about. Don't see anything wrong with that. Unless the information is misleading.

Is SteamUnlocked a Trojan virus? ›

Yes, Steamunlocked is Absolutely Safe. Although we Check Every Game Before Uploading. If it contains a Virus we Never Upload That, So Our Users Don't Have To Suffer.

Can you get banned on Steam for playing pirated games? ›

Your Steam Deck won't care if you have pirated games. You won't get a ban, your Deck will not be bricked. The concern will come from your ISP.

Is SteamUnlocked net 100 safe? ›

Is Steamunlocked a virus? Any downloads made from SteamUnlocked are safe to download and are checked regularly for malicious interception. It is, however, illegal to download the content, as it is pirated content that has been copied, decrypted, and given out to the community.

What is the best site like Aimhaven? ›

aimhaven.com's top 5 competitors in May 2024 are: steamunlocked.net, repack-games.com, hisgames.org, igg-games.com, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, aimhaven.com's top competitor in May 2024 is steamunlocked.net with 11.4M visits.

Is IgG safe? ›

Malicious behavior

The domain igg-games.com attracts users with free games and cracks but the provided links sometimes lead to PUPs, adware and malware.

Is uploadhaven safe? ›

What is Uploadhaven.com? Uploadhaven.com has gained a reputation for being untrustworthy due to a combination of factors. The website may host content that raises questions about its reliability, employs deceptive practices, or has been flagged for the presence of malware.


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